Sunday, July 14, 2013

So...That Happened.

Flies seem to be really bad this year. I've heard lots of people make comments about how bad the flies are. Personally they gross me out. I can't stand them. It's been a constant battle every spring to get rid of the flies. However, this year it has carried into the summer. There always seems to be one or two in the house at all times lately. However, I have noticed the past few days there has been an infestation in my bathroom. Specifically the little room where the toilet is. I mean, you kill 10 and there are 20 more on the wall. It's been bad. After church today while the kids were eating I had enough. I took the swatter in there and started killing them. I wasn't making any progress. For every one fly I killed there were 10 more in its spot. I was on the verge of going crazy. Mr. Mayer came in and took a turn in killing the flies while I went and laid the kids down for naps. He posted this on Facebook not long ago "Kids are freakin gross. That's all I'm going to say about that." Let me share with you what just happened at my house. I may not recover. I came back downstairs and Mr. Mayer was cracking up.
Mr. Mayer: "I found the source of the flies." 
Me: "Great!" 
Mr. Mayer: "You want to know where they were coming from?" 
Me: "Um....yeah?"
Mr. Mayer: Laughing harder at this point. "There was a shitty pair of underwear shoved into the toilet bowl brush holder. They were congregating in there." 
OMG!!! That is disgusting. I made Mr. Mayer throw the entire toilet bowl brush contraption out. That is the nastiest thing ever!!!! Mr. Mayer is still laughing about this and compared me to one of my former clients. I vacuumed and mopped the bathroom. Clorox wiped the walls off. Then I wasn't satisfied so I mopped the kitchen and entry way as well. And checked the toilet bowl brushes in the other bathrooms. I am currently thinking of blowing up the entire house. I feel disgusting. I feel like my house is disgusting. I may not recover from this experience.
As a side note~I am very certain about who the culprit in this situation is. There is only one kid in this house who still poops his pants and that's Carter. Seriously. The kid has been obsessed with poop since birth. If you've been reading my blogs for any amount of time you know that my kids have some weird fascination with the stuff (re: Poopaggedon, Poopaggedon Part Deuce, Yup, That Just Really Happened just as a few examples). Last week Carter had an explosive poo in my bedroom. On my bed. I thought I was going to vomit on that one. There was also a long phase of where Owen would poop in the bathtub. Every. Single. Time. I'm really glad that's over. Needless to say. I agree whole-heartedly with Mr. Mayer. Kids are gross.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

While The Parent's Are Away...

Two weeks ago Mr. Mayer and I finally made our long awaited anniversary trip. We went to Las Vegas. I wanted a pool, sunshine and somewhere close enough we could get home quick. With everything happening in my life and the kids being so young I thought that would be best. Vegas it was. It was so nice to get away. We had a great time. We went and saw some shows. If anyone ever has an opportunity to see Peepshow go do it! It was such a fun time. I laughed until I cried. We slept in. Did a little shopping. We also went and saw the Neon Museum. That was fantastic. It was full of oldVegas signs and a lot of nostalgia. The man doing our tour knew a lot of history and could tell us fun stories about old Vegas. One night we went to Freemont Street. I love street performers. Freemont Street is crawling with them. They are so fun to watch. We also went and toured the Mob Museum. That was another amazing and interesting place! There was a lot of this...

  We tried to keep the trip very low key and not make to many plans. We ate, drank, laughed and had a really great time. Sonetimes it's easy to get caught up in the day to day of life you forget the people you are outside of kids. It was nice to get away and member that we are really fun people outside of our kids. While Mr. Mayer and I were cooling our feet by the pool KiKi was at home holding the fort down with our precocious little angles. The first day there we get this text from her....
Yeah. We have magnetic locks on the entertainment center. Those little jerks figured out how to unlock them. Doh! I do love technology though. All week we were able to facetime and keep up with what the kids were doing. In fact, the texts just kept coming. Read and enjoy....

And finally....oh yes...this happened. I'm so proud.

Oh those kids....needless to say they had a REALLY good time while we were gone. Akelah handled it like a champ. In fact, she has volunteered to watch the kids for another week next year! So, I'm taking recommendations for next years local :)