Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What She Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday and time for another fashion review compliments of my 4 year old daughter. It was chilly this morning and I don't think it's going to warm up a great deal so I told her she needed to wear pants today. All her pants are getting a little small- tight in the waist and short in the legs. I refuse to buy new pants at this point in time since it is going to be too hot to wear pants soon. This is what she chose this morning~
Pants: Children's Place (I really love the waists that can be taken in or let out in their pants)
T-shirt: Target (It's another favorite of hers)
Hairbow: Target, same as the headband it's attached to. She fixed her own hair this morning :)
Flip Flops: The Easter Bunny courtesy of Nana Karen--she calls them her "high heeled flip flops--
After I took the pictures she changed into THE GOLD SANDALS  and RED SOCKS. Her dad was ready to leave and I didn't get a picture of that. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, I may have mentioned that both boys are crawling. Shrek is FAST! Not only is he crawling he has started pulling up and climbing on everything!! He is really keeping me on my toes and not even 8 months old yet! Today we were having our play time and Mr. Big Stuff crawls over to the couch and does this-
He was VERY PROUD of himself. Up until this point he had mostly been climbing on small stuff low to the ground. He stood here slapping the couch and shrieking for several minutes. He had to make sure that his brother and I both saw him.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm going to tell on myself...I have mentioned in the past that I grew up in a family that did NOT go to doctors. I take the wait and see approach with my kids. However, when Shrek and Donkey had RSV and were so.very.sick. it freaked me out to say the least. Fast forward to this week. Donkey has had a fever this week. It's been ranging from 99.6 to 100.6. He's been really lethargic and was refusing his food and bottles. I freaked a little. I called the nurse and she told me to give Donkey apple juice in a dropper to get some fluids in him. If he was still lethargic and had a fever the next day bring him in to see the doctor. It was a weird fever. He woke up in the morning just fine. Then he would get up from his morning nap with a fever and not himself. It went on for 2 days so I took him to the doctor. Donkey kept sticking his finger in his ear so I was 85% convinced that he had an ear infection. I told the doctor as much. He gave him a good look over and checked his ears. Then he announced that Donkey did not have an ear infection he was just teething. It can make him have a fever and be irritable. DUH!!! We've been trying to cut those darn teeth for 2 months now! It's the bain of my existence. Really, this isn't my first kid. I know I've been acting like it lately, but serious. Doctor goes on to say that he can feel the teeth just under the gums and they are about ready to burst through. I WISH THEY WOULD COME ON WITH IT! So, we leave. I'm feeling a little better knowing that Donkey doesn't have some weird deadly disease.
Shrek too has been teething. He manifests his discomfort in night screaming. No joke that kid lays in bed and will scream for an hour. It's heartbreaking. Nothing Mr. Mayer and I do has helped. We feel completely defeated and helpless. I'm just thankful he hasn't done it every night this week like last week. Looking in his mouth you can see white just under his gums. We went to the mall today and Shrek had a meltdown. It gave me a chance to take a good look in his mouth. Low and behold a little tooth had burst through since yesterday. THANK GOD!!! We are making some progress! I took a look in Donkey's mouth and no little teeth yet. I'm hoping any day.
I don't remember teething being this hard with Diva. She got an ear infection every time she cut a tooth. Nothing else, otherwise she was perfectly pleasant. No night screaming or lethargy. Just a fat happy baby. These boys are giving me a run for my money!
I took Shrek with us to the doctor, because, well, there are two of them and I can't leave them home alone. When we arrived the nurse directed us to weigh Donkey. Mr. Mayer met me at the doctor since he got off work early. He was wrestling with Shrek. I asked if we could weigh Shrek since he was here.
The boys are 7 1/2 months old now
Donkey is weighing in at a whopping 17 lbs and 14.5 oz
Shrek is weighing in at....drum roll.....20 lbs and 13.4 oz!!!! Jeez Louise he's a big boy. I can only imagine what he will weigh at 12 months!
Other progressions this week is that Donkey started crawling. Shrek has been crawling for a month. He's been into EVERYTHING! Donkey has been satisfied to lay in the floor and watch, until Sunday that is. Sunday morning he gets up and just decides to crawl. So now both boys are crawling. Everywhere. In opposite directions. I am getting my exercise this week. I have an open floor plan and can't really barricade or baby gate things off. The floor plan was a good idea at the time. The past few days Shrek has decided he can pull up on stuff. That's really super because I know what comes after pulling up. I am not ready for that!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

OnE dAy At A tImE

I get asked a lot of questions. I have my standard automatic responses that I give without thinking.
Yes, they are twins.
No, they are not identical.
Yes, I stay very busy.
I even had one woman ask how many minutes apart they were. She didn't know what to say after I said "They are 27 minutes apart." She looked a little shocked and I didn't want to go into the details and the complications that made them 27 minutes apart.
I have often said that I know how easy one baby is. If I had twins first I'm not sure we would have had more. At this point one baby would be a cake walk! On the same hand, lots of people I know who do have twins (or more!) and had the twins first have always said "We don't know any different." I can see that.
I recently went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. During the shower she received lots of lovely things. She was having a girl so there was lots of pink and bows! She received some diapers. One box coming from me. It was a "small" box of diapers. I jokingly told her that the box would last me 4 days. I was only half joking. It really would only last me 4 days. She later said that every time she changes her baby she thinks of me and how many diapers I go through.
On an average I change Shrek and Donkey 5-6 times a day- each. Depending on how full of poo they are that day. That adds up to 10-12 diapers a day and 300-360 diapers a month. One box of diapers from Sam's  doesn't even get me through an entire month. I am lucky however, I only recently had to buy my first box of diapers. When I was pregnant I hoarded diapers. We had diapers stashed all over the baby room, hallway and guest room. I also received a great deal of diapers as baby gifts. A friend turned me onto Amazon Mom. I can order diapers from there at a great discount. I plan to start that very soon.
I may have mentioned before, but I tried to breastfeed Shrek and Donkey. I had breastfed Diva and I was gung-ho to do it with the boys. Diva wasn't easy to breastfeed, but we adjusted and did very well. Shrek and Donkey were power suckers. I had never had pain that bad. It got to the point that I would start crying when I had to feed them. Things were bloody and raw. I consulted with lactation nurses, read on the Internet and tried different techniques. Nothing was helping. In addition to the overwhelming feeling of taking care of two babies and a 3 1/2 year old I was a mess. I felt like all I did was feed babies. I tried pumping but that took up a lot of time I felt like I didn't have. I made it two weeks of breastfeeding and quit. We went to formula. We tried a variety of brands and types of formulas before we found one that everyone seemed happy with.
Over the past month I have gotten the boys down from 5 bottles a day to 4. That doesn't sound like much, but it is!! On 5 bottles a day (they were taking 8oz) a large container of formula from Sam's would last me 4 days. A regular sized container from somewhere like Target would last 3 days. Sam's is about $41 a container and Target is $23.99 a container. It adds up. At 5 bottles a day a large container would last 4 days. A smaller container would last 3 days. Thank goodness for coupons!!!! Now at 4 bottles a day I can stretch it out to 5 or 6 days. That's a big deal!
My dear friend I gave the diapers to recently shared with me that Sam's will take the formula coupons that look like checks. I was a little hesitant but had to go buy formula. I have a group of friends that keeps me stocked with formula coupons, most of them the check kind. Mr. Mayer and I took the clan to Sam's on Sunday to get some baby supplies. I bought 6 containers of formula and was able to use all 6 of the coupons I had. It was a $20 savings. I tried not to do cartwheels as I left the store.
The boys are now eating baby food too. They have really taken to baby food. I make my own baby food for the most part. I wrote a lot of companies after I had Shrek and Donkey and received a ton of coupons for baby food and diapers. I have used the coupons to buy some "breakfast" foods and meats. I refuse to puree meat. It grosses me out. I have a website I use, and a couple of baby food cookbooks that I refer to and as usual make up my own stuff. It's gone pretty well. Now those chunky monkeys are eating a container of "breakfast." It's stuff like pears, oatmeal and cinnamon and other fruit and grain mixes. At lunch they eat "two cubes" (ice cube size) of vegetable and will eat two cubes of a fruit if I give it to them. I don't always. Then in the evening they are eating two cubes of vegetable, two cubes of fruit and a small jar of meat on most nights. They don't always get meat. Needless to say it's a lot of food!

In addition to all the necessities I have discussed- diapers, formula, food, etc. there is the issue of clothing two babies! When I was pregnant a friend gave me her son's entire first 18 months wardrobe. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I haven't really had to get the boys any clothes until recently. It's worked out that Shrek is a size larger than Donkey. So, Donkey is getting hand me downs! But, it works out so that I haven't had to have double the clothes. I get a little slack because I rarely dress the boys alike. I figure they are two individual people who happen to share a birthday they don't need to dress alike. I still do for special occasion's and what nots. I have always bargained shopped for Diva (garage sales, thrift stores, Target and department store clearances). Nana Karen has been tremendous in this effort. I plan on clothing Shrek and Donkey in the same manner. Kids are tough on clothes and I don't feel the need to pay a lot of money for a shirt that they will are going to play and be kids in. I don't feel so bad if I can't get a stain out of something.
In an average week I do 16 loads of laundry, 3 loads of dishes a day (21 loads a week) and I have actually managed to make dinner most nights. Cooking is something I have always loved to do. Reading cookbooks is a guilty pleasure of mine. We have far less nights of "I don't feel like cooking" since I have stayed home than when I was working.
Life has certainly stayed busy with twins. I have been busier since I quit my job than I was when I had it I think. It's a change I am happy with however. I really love being here for the day to day stuff.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What She Wore....Everyday!

Diva has a favorite dress. She wears it every time I wash it and I can't be positive, but she may even be getting it out of the dirty clothes basket. I took this picture Sunday because she was so creative with her outfit and THAT DRESS.

The picture is terrible...sorry for that. However, you get the idea. She's wearing her favorite dress with bright purple heavy knit tights that have multi colored butterflies all over them. She's also been obsessed with side "pony's" lately. She is insistent that she have one nearly everyday.
Dress: Children's Place
Tights: Target
As I write this blog she came down stairs with a wardrobe change....I had to take a picture and she was proud to show me.
Brown Leggings: I have no idea
Purple Princess Shirt: Target
Lace Socks: Target
Gold Sandals: Carter's
Attitude: Her Father

Diva has a friend who shares the same fashion sense that Diva possesses. Her mother shared these pictures with me.
Getting ready for school--nice boots

Another school day I'm pretty sure

As a parent it is sometimes very difficult to let your child dress themselves or even go in public in some of the things they put on. But, I also believe in encouraging their creativity and independence so it is rare that I make Diva change out of her outfits. Sometimes I try to encourage her in another direction, but mostly I let her be. Mr. Mayer hates this!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I in no means mean this to be a sappy or depressing post. I have thought of a million ways to start it. Cancer is a terrible, horrible, scary disease. 10 years ago I arrogantly felt like I assume many do "it won't happen to me." Unfortunately that's the way cancer works. It wasn't me. It was Walt.
I met Mr. Mayer in the spring of 2001. We had dated for about a month when he introduced me to his parents. I fell in love with them instantly.
I will never forget that first meeting. Mr. Mayer had me over for lunch. I was a very poor college student so I would never turn down a free lunch! His mom had made an elaborate spread. I later learn that is just how she does things. She had made a ham. I LOVE HAM! We all sit down at the dining room table. Up until this point Mr. Mayer's dad, Walt, hadn't said much. Mr. Mayer's mom, Lana, brings out the ham...Mr. Mayer says "Mom, I forgot to tell you. Jayna is Jewish."
I'm mortified. I'm not Jewish.
Lana is flustered and starts apologizing. Mr. Mayer is cracking up. And Walt. Walt puts his napkin in his lap and says "We have some peanut butter in there if you want a sandwich." He then fills his plate with some ham. I'm so embarrassed I don't say anything. I finally get out "I'm not Jewish." Lana threatens to strangle Mr. Mayer.
I have never eaten a piece of ham without thinking of that day since then.
Walt and I gradually build a relationship with each other. Mr. Mayer has always said that I knew his father much differently than he did.
I mentioned above that I was a very poor college student. I had 4 jobs and was barely making it through. Walt owned a hardware store. He would let me come in on my time off and do odd and end jobs for way to much money. I appreciated it.
When Mr. Mayer and I started dating I lived in an old house with some roommates. The house was dilapidated and the landlords were charging us an arm and a leg to live in it. Walt knew some people at the housing authority. One day he calls and tells me he spoke to someone and I can move into one of their income based apartments next week. THRILLED! I had been on a waiting list for over a year!
I had an old dresser and matching chest of drawers that needed to be refinished in a bad way. Walt said that he would help me if I wanted to bring them over. I went over every night after work and I worked on the furniture. Walt showed me how to sand, fill in gaps and holes and stain it. Every night after I would leave Walt would redo what I had done. I knew that's what he was doing. I always thought it was so nice that he helped me and made me feel like I was contributing. The dresser and chest of drawers turned out beautiful. Diva uses them now. I will never let them go.
Walt took an old table I used for a make up table that my great grandfather made as a kid. He refinished it and turned something ugly and falling apart into something beautiful. It's another piece of furniture I will never let go.
Mr. Mayer and I got married in May of 2003. It was a whirlwind. I graduated college one Saturday and the following Saturday I got married. Everything is blurry. I do remember at the rehearsal dinner Walt said to me as we were all getting ready to leave "You know, I always wondered what it would be like to have a daughter. I guess I'll find out." That's as close as Walt ever got to affection. He was more of a doer than a sayer. He sat in a parking lot with me for 2 hours while a locksmith worked on the ignition of my car. It was a locksmith he had called for me.
Mr. Mayer and I had a lovely wedding...from what I remember. It was a very happy day. We didn't know that 11 months from then Walt would be gone.
The cancer was discovered Labor Day weekend. Walt had been having some bizarre behavior and problems. We had gone to Angelfire to share the holiday with Walt and Lana. We arrived and turned around and came home the next day with Walt. Those next few days are a blur. The cancer started in his lungs. By the time we found it, it had spread to his brain and liver.
Walt fought hard. There was chemo, radiation and specialized treatments in Oklahoma City. We were living in Tulsa and went to Ada every weekend. We were all confident that Walt would beat the odds and survive. We kept that attitude until late March. We found out that all the treatments hadn't done anything. Walt was tired. By this point he was not himself. Hospice was contacted. Two weeks later we lost Walt. You know how "they" say that a person will wait until everyone is there? It's true. Walt waited until everyone was there from Tennessee, DC, Tulsa and other places in between. It was Good Friday, April 9, 2004. I can't celebrate Easter without thinking about that.
To say my first year of marriage was rough is an understatement. I don't remember much of it. But it made us stronger.
Cancer is an evil disease. It doesn't just affect one person, it is wide spread. My heart breaks for all the families that have to go through the fight because I know the heartbreak. I know the ups and downs that comes with it.
I only had Walt in my life for a very short time. But, he made a huge impression on me. He was someone I loved very much. As I watch my kids grow up I can't help but feel a little cheated that they will not get to know him. Owen looks just like him. He even makes the same facial expressions that Walt made. He has the same quiet and patient temperament that Walt had. We talk about Walt with Diva. At this point she doesn't understand why she can't see her "Papa Walt" or why he is in Heaven. I hope that someday she will. Time marches on and we have carried on with our lives. I continue to think about Walt and wonder what our future would have been like. I'm convinced that he would be bananas about his grandchildren. Mr. Mayer agrees and says that it would be ridiculous.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Another Thursday

I could write a blog about our evening, but Mr. Mayer did such a fantastic job I will let him tell you...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's Wednesday...the Diva stayed home with me today. She's having some allergy problems and random fevers. She seems to be feeling just fine today. This is what she wore:
Pink Shorts: Target
Halter top: Children's Place
Hair bow: Homemade
Hair clips/rings: birthday gift

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun Had By All!

It has been a busy few days, but tons of fun!! Saturday was GORGEOUS! Mr. Mayer* and I had tickets to go see Kenny Chesney at the BOK Center Saturday night with a friend. We started our night off at Leon's for pizza and some drinks. 

The picture doesn't convey how much LARGER their beers were from mine!


Mr. Mayer LOVES Guinness, even more when it's on tap.

We had a great time at the concert. I should have checked myself a little better before I left the house. Or, at least not worn a bright blue bra under a thin shirt. *Sigh*
 Lesson learned for next time....

While we had a wonderful time hanging out with friends and acting like grown ups the highlight of my night was when I came home and saw what Diva had left for me on my pillow...such a sweet girl!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day around our house. After church we didn't really do much of anything. We were resting up for MONDAY aka LADY GAGA DAY!!! Mr. Mayer and I have had our tickets for months. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I really like Lady G, but I was even more excited to people watch.  I.was.not.disappointed.
We kicked off our night at Casa Laredo to have dinner with friends. YUMMO! Then we made our way to the BOK Center to commence the festivities.!!!!! I took just a few pictures....
The cast of characters

It's always exciting when we get together with these two...they are two of our oldest and dearest friends...

He doesn't share my interest in people watching

After the opening act we chatted with people next to us and patiently waited for HER to arrive. 

She did a great performance...

Mr. Mayer and I were up wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy past our bedtime...we were happy to be home and crawl into bed. My eyes had been closed for 1 minute when Diva started hollering from upstairs that she threw up. No joke. She's having some allergy problems. She's been coughing. She's snotty. It all came to a head with her coughing and throwing up at 1:00am. Awesome. Mr. Mayer and I get her situated, changed, medicated and start dragging our weary butts back to bed. I close my eyes and Shrek starts crying. Ugh...again, out of bed. I get him situated. Back in bed. 2am. I successfully go to sleep until 4am. The batteries in the smoke detector go kaput and starts chirping. I strategically place a pillow over my head hoping that will drown out the irritating noise. Mr. Mayer can't take anymore and gets up and takes the batteries out. Silence. Next thing I know the alarm goes off. Dang! 7am. 
However, babies need to bed fed and Diva's need to be checked on. Miraculously she's fine this morning and gets to take a picture with a Bunny at school. Very.Big.Deal. We had to pay $5 for her to do this. Mr. Mayer said it was to "take care of" the bunny after it has to hang out at daycare all day. Poor bunny!
So, out of bed I crawl to start the day. Also a very big day because I have to go enroll Diva into Pre-K. The process was easier than I expected and she got into the school we wanted. Hooray!!! Needless to say I came home and the rest of my day has been pretty unproductive. I have a couple of days to recoup and rest up before Mr. Mayer and I go see Kings of Leon on Friday night. We have a serious concert problem. 

*You may notice I have transitioned from calling Mr. Hubs to Mr. Mayer. I realized in my day to day conversations with people I refer to him as Mr. Mayer. I thought I would just convey that in my blog as well. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's FRIDAY!! Tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!

Happy Friday everyone! I don't know where the time has gone. Wasn't it just Monday?! We've had a busy week around here. Those boys are feeling MUCH better. Thank Goodness! They are much more pleasant to be around when they feel good. And, even better for Mom and Dad is that they have been sleeping all night for the past few nights. I'm convinced it's a trick. My kids don't sleep. They have to be up to something. 
I don't know if I had mentioned, but we have a crawler in our house. Yup, Mr. Shrek has been army crawling for almost two weeks now. He thinks he is a VERY. BIG. DEAL. I think I am in VERY. BIG. TROUBLE.

He decided he didn't like the toys I had laid out for him and his brother so he crawled over to the toy basket to get some more.  He's also been obsessed with the play mats lately. I haven't been putting them out for them to play on because Shrek keeps getting himself tangled up in them. See below....
He kept crawling over to them so I decided to set one out for them.

Donkey has no interest in crawling. He doesn't move very much at all. He can roll. I've seen him do it, but he prefers to just lay there. I guess he assumes I will get whatever he wants for him. That turkey.

Big Sister Diva has learned to pick the boys up and put them in her lap. This has been very exciting. We still have to remind her to be gentle! and that their heads are attached to their body. No matter how rough she is with her brothers these boys LOVE their sister. They light up every time she is near them. They do not mind her holding them.

I met some friends I hadn't seen in a while for lunch yesterday. 
I left early and stopped by the office where I used to work to see everyone. 
Carter and "RoRo" were color coordinated so naturally we had to have a picture :)

Diva has dance lessons on Wednesday nights. Afterwards Mr. Hubs took her to CherryBerry for a treat. It was very exciting!
Can you tell her leotard is on backwards?
He text me to say that she had Bubblegum ice cream with captain crunch, gummy bears, sour worms and pop rocks as her toppings. Ugh, makes my belly hurt. He then said she was going to make mine for, Yay? Thank goodness she didn't!
It's gorgeous outside today. Finally...those gray days were getting me down. I know how seasonal effective disorder feels! The boys and I decided to go to the grocery store (Target) before nap time. It was Shrek's first time sitting in the cart like a big boy! He did not say a single word the entire time we were in the store. Bizarre....
I wore Donkey while we were there because he is 3 pounds lighter. I think that is funny now to say because when they were smaller I always wore Shrek because Donkey was so small. How things change in such a short amount of time! I'm not real sure why I look so serious in the picture. I must have been concentrating!
It's been a very busy and FUN week. The weekend is going to be just as busy. Mr. Hubs and I get to go out tomorrow night with a friend and act like real adults. No baby talk or diaper changes for hours!