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WSWW And A Few Other Ramblings

It's another installment of What She Wore Wednesday...Diva was getting creative with her pose this morning. Dress: Gap Sandals: Carter's Diva and I had our haircut this past Saturday. You can't see it in the picture, but she had some feather's put in her hair. Very Big Deal ! There is a red one and a pink one. There was a blue one but it fell out already. Mr. Mayer and I had date night the other night. We went to the Brady Tavern~all I can say is YUM-O! It may be our new favorite place to go. Mr. Mayer had the burger and I had the fish and chips. I intended to only eat half my dinner. It was so good I cleaned my plate. Then we had bread pudding for dessert. I love bread pudding. The bread pudding at Brady Tavern is wonderful. We each had a couple of drinks and munched on bacon popcorn while we waited for our dinner. Sounds gross, tastes heavenly. I recommend anyone that goes give it a try! When we came home I went upstairs to check on Diva and give her a kiss goodni

I Started Drinking After the Poop

What did I start drinking you ask? A delicious iced coffee.... Mr. Mayer and I have developed an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks iced coffee. With all the change we were dropping at Starbucks we decided that we could probably make ourselves an iced coffee that was just as delicious. True story. We did it. With a little help from her . No joke, her suggestion of Eagle Brand Milk in it is the I mean really, it's iced coffee. Hard to screw up. However you like your combination. Mr. Mayer and I have been enjoying it. And saving some money. Sorry Starbucks :)


The dudes have not been sleeping. At all. They scream and cry their way through nap time. If they do doze off they are up within an hour. At night they have been waking up every couple of hours crying. This has gone on for a week. I'm going crazy. I don't know what the problem is. Last night they went to sleep and slept all night. Or, if they woke up they didn't let me know about it. I was very excited this morning. I heard them, well, Shrek, chit chatting around 7:15 this morning so I make their bottles and go in. As I am walking down the hall I am greeted by the strong smell of poo. Not unusual as both boys are both typically poopy first thing in the morning. It was usual that I could smell it in the hallway. Now~ before I go any further let me preface this next part by saying I hate poop. I would rather clean up vomit than poop. Mr. Mayer and I make a good pair because he would rather clean up vomit. It works for us. The players: The offender The cheerleader

WhAt ShE wOrE wEdNeSdAy

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday...already I forgot to take a picture of Diva before she left this morning so I took some when I picked her up from daycare. She was being quiet the ham. Halter Top: Not real sure Skirt: Children's Place Sunglasses: Again~not real sure Shoes: Target She thought she needed a picture with her brother's as well. They are wearing shorts and t-shirts~very dirty ones. They wore their day hard today.

Lake Party

My friends and I are all turning 30 this year or in the past year I guess I should say. It's a pretty big landmark in my book. Mainly because 30 used to be sooooo oooolllllddddd to me. Not so much. Even Aunt Bets just turned 30 this past week. To commemorate the landmark event we started planning a day at Grand Lake weeks ago. Friends were invited, in laws were begged  asked to use their fantastic lake house, boat was cleaned up. The plan for Mr. Mayer and I were to take our entire brood with us. We didn't want to ask anyone to keep 10 month old twins. They are a handful to say the least. As we started making plans Nana Karen and Papa Brad (Aunt Bets' parents) were insistent that they were going to come keep all the kids. WHAT?! Seriously, they were excited about this. We offered to pack them up and take them to their house, but they thought it would be better to come to ours. No joke, they are keeping our kids and coming to our house so we didn't have to pack everythin

WhAt ShE wOrE wEdNeSdAy

Happy Wednesday everyone! Diva was a little grumpy this morning. This is all she would give me this morning. Shorts: Target Tank: Gap (the front has a sun on it and says Gap)

Germy 4th of July's no secret that we spend our free time on the lake. We have a boat, we have a house to stay in and we really like it. Last summer I couldn't go out on the boat. I was about to burst with Shrek and Donkey and could barely walk. My doctor banned me from boating. This summer I was super excited to get to swim and go boating. Memorial Day is too cold to swim in the water and Mr. Mayer had to get the boat de-winterized and cleaned up. We didn't really have an opportunity between Memorial Day and 4th of July so I was super excited for the 4th to arrive. A day or two before our getaway the big Blue Green Algae disaster struck. Swimming and any contact with the water in the lake was discouraged. I started reading on the CDC and Mayo Clinic websites and they stated that the algae could kill a child quickly and cause all sorts of health problems. thanks. Crap. I might be willing to risk some gastrointestinal problems in myself, but I couldn't let Diva or her cou