Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Exactly WSWW

Okay, it's Wednesday. I normally do What She Wore Wednesday.....but I forgot to take a picture this morning. I thought I would catch you up on Shrek and Donkey. These little dudes will be 10 months old this week. Yikes! Already? Let me tell you...they think they are pretty big deals. Both are pulling up and coasting on stuff. Both will walk behind the walker, but decided they get places faster crawling. They have also started fighting with each other. I shouldn't laugh, but it's funny to watch. I'm not the only one who laughs either. Aunt Bets was over the other day and saw the dudes going at it over a hair brush. She thought it was funny to. And, tiny little Donkey is vicious. He may be small but he's tough. I looked over the other day as the dudes were arguing over flicking the door stop and Donkey reached over and grabbed Shrek by his hair and yanked him back. Shrek didn't think it was very funny. Shrek is very dramatic and will poke out his bottom lip and scrunch up his face. Then big alligator tears start pouring down. On top of all that he's very loud and will holler until I pick him up. It reminds me of a certain Diva that lives in the house. Those two are just alike! Bad news for me.
In addition to their personalities starting to shine through they are developing big boy appetites. They have started being very interested in feeding themselves. Mr. Mayer hates this because it is a messy ordeal. We are starting to veer away from baby food and lean more towards real food. We are coasting through an in-between state right now. They are getting a healthy mix I think. They love green beans out of the can. They gobble those up as fast as I can put them out on their high chairs. I made some roasted carrots for them yesterday and they were a big hit as well. Donkey was shrieking at me for more. Last week I made them macaroni and cheese (with orzo pasta). It was so good Diva and I ended up eating it for dinner ourselves. I have a few jars of baby food that is really thin and the boys are really to big for it. I have been making some rice and mixing the two together. It's pretty popular with the dudes. Mr. Mayer likes the rice. I made chicken kabobs for dinner one night last week. I fed the leftover chicken to the dudes. Another success! For breakfast on Sunday they had their first pancakes. These dudes were as big a fans of pancakes as their sister. You would have thought I had never fed them before. This morning they had their first eggs. It was so so. Donkey wasn't wild about his eggs. Shrek, naturally ate them like he might not eat again. I'm not sure if it was the eggs, or the fact that both boys woke up grumpy this morning. I will be trying them again in the very near future.

We are still working on sippy cups. I think I had to just go cold turkey with Diva and take all bottles away. I waited until she was 1 to do that though. Yesterday both boys drank a little from a sippy cup. I'm counting it as a success! Mostly they just use them for drums or throw them at each other.
If I'm being honest I'm pretty excited about some of the boys milestones lately. Why? It is making it a smidge easier on me. The boys have been happier and are starting to play with each other. The new foods are making going places easier because I know that I can feed the boys what is available and not have to pack baby food.
As far as sleep goes. Either they are sleeping all night or I am so tired I am sleeping through them waking up at night. Either way, I'm sleeping and coping much better these days. They seem to be thriving so I'm not worried.
Teething is still a problem. Donkey has a bottom tooth just under the surface that hasn't broken through (I'm making an angry face!). Teeth are terrible. They make the boys miserable which makes Mommy miserable. I will be happy when we are done with this phase. All I can say is ibuprofen is getting us through.
Shrek has learned how to take his bibs off. It's time to get them some new ones anyway. I want to find some with snaps. I found a pattern online to make some out of old t-shirts and towels. I'm not crafty. I pretend I am and in my mind I am, but if I'm being honest my crafts look like something Diva does in art class. That being said I fully intend to give those bibs a try. I just need to find time to get to the craft store and buy a few supplies. I'm pretty excited at the prospect.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Happy Place Was A Happy Disaster

Those  who know me know that I LOVE Whole Foods. It's my happy place. Weird, I know, but it is what it is. I don't get to go very often since it's on the other side of town from where I live and it isn't really set up to navigate a double stroller around. If you are friends with me on Facebook and/or Twitter you probably saw this post the other night~
"My happy place was a happy disaster."
Here's why:
We all have those days where if it can go wrong it will. If it can be dropped, spilled or knocked over it will. That was Thursday for me. It was an all around frustrating day. I had a few things on my grocery list and decided that I would go to Whole Foods after Mr. Mayer got home and I put the little dudes to bed. Off to the store I go...I'm pretty excited about getting to go. I arrive and park. Saunter up to the door and grab a cart. As I'm trying to put my shopping bags on the bottom (yes, I'm that person that carries a huge bundle of reusable shopping bags wherever I go) the cart is on an incline and tips over on its side on my foot. Ow! I manage to sit the cart back up, silently praying that no one is watching me. I turn and start to go through the automatic door. CRASH! The automatic door is not automatically opening. Crap. Maybe no one noticed that either. I turn around and back into the door and open it myself. Then my cart gets tangled on the door jam and my silent entry now becomes something similar to Kramer's entry on Seinfeld. I make it into the store finally and make my way to the produce section.
Mr. Mayer and I have a running joke between us that we are always in someones way where ever we go. Well, truer words have never been spoken. I was in someones way every direction I turned in that place. Arg! This is not going well. I finally gather the things on my list and the things that weren't on the list but I'm sure I need and make my way to the front.
Okay, I'm in the check out line. It should be easy street from here on out.
So...before I go any further let me preface this next part by saying I was a cashier for a lot of years. I know how to do it and I know how to do it well. I still remember the produce numbers even!
In addition to mine and Mr. Mayer's running joke of being in people's way we also joke about our knack for picking out really terrible cashiers. We get the cashiers that inspect everything we are buying, make comments about what we are buying, that can't bag, that are hateful, slow, etc. etc.
Tonight, again, was no exception. At this point I don't know why I am surprised.
I start putting my stuff on the belt. I grab my little carton of blueberries and immediately drop them. They go everywhere! I'm glad there was no one else in line behind me. I start picking blueberries up off the floor so I won't squish them with my cart. I pick up enough that I can make a path through. Apologize to the cashier. She has rung up a few of my items already when she sees the mess I have made. She never says a word to me. She stops checking. Leaves the cash register and walks to the back of the store. I know this because I can see her. She's gone for several minutes while I'm just standing there. Half my groceries have been rung up I can't leave. After what feels like an eternity she comes back with a broom and a dust pan and starts sweeping the aisle. She then gets a wet towel and starts wiping the floor around me. I'm just standing there. This has been a 10 minute ordeal to this point. She gets things cleaned to her satisfaction. Still never said a word to me. She then leaves again to the back of the store and comes back several minutes later empty handed. She takes the carton of blueberries and puts a rubber band around them and asks me if I want to get some more. No...No I do not want more blueberries. I want to go home. She then asks me 3 more times if I'm sure I don't want any more blueberries. Yes! I am sure I do not want anymore. I want to go home! She then starts scanning the rest of my items. At the end of the belt is a bag of mixed nuts I was buying so I could make some rosemary nuts for the 4th of July at my mother in laws. The bag was ripped, unknown to me. Cashier sees this and says "You're bag is ripped. DO NOT TOUCH IT!" Yup, she starts yelling this at me. She repeats herself several times. I get the point. I'm standing by the bag. Nuts have spilled onto the the belt and I reach over to start picking up the nuts that have trailed out onto the belt. "DO NOT TOUCH IT!" Jeez lady! I get it, but can I get what spilled out. She then takes another bag and puts over the ripped bag and rings it up. I'm to afraid to reach over and pick up what has spilled. While that was happening a woman gets in line. She sits down two containers of strawberries and two containers of raspberries on the end of the belt. I watch her do this. She then walks off to get another item. Cashier notices the items at the end of the belt and says "Do you want those on a separate ticket?", it's not my stuff. I tell her as much and she walks out of her register around to my side and picks the items up and places them next to her register. I finish paying. Very happy to be escaping. The woman comes back and starts looking for her stuff. I tell her that the cashier has them by her register. I feel like I should give her some sort of warning, but I get distracted by cashier lady again. She asks me if I want bag credit or to make a donation. I tell her I want to make a donation. She then proceeds to tell me all about the organization the donation goes to. I want to interrupt her and tell her I'm familiar with the organization, but I'm to afraid to. Instead I let her tell me in depth about where my donation is going. I then take my receipt and run (well, walk quickly) out of the store. I had never been so happy to leave that place in my life.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well...At Least The Food Was Good?

Okay...the "fam" went out to dinner tonight. Usually this consists of a million trips to the potty, feeling apologetic for the mess in the floor Shrek and Donkey make, and threatening Diva with no snacks to get her to eat her dinner. Not tonight.
We had been cooped up in the house all day today, it was really hot and I was going a little stir crazy. I wanted to go look for some cycle shoes (I guess that's what they are called) and get some dinner. Off we go...high ho, high ho, high ho.
There is a new Chicago Style pizza place not far from us that I had read in a blog I follow was really good. I wanted to try it. Pizza is something I can almost always guarantee Diva will eat. Shrek and Donkey were in ridiculously good moods today and I had showered. Pluses on all sides.
We arrive at the joint and burst through the doors. We are immediately greeted by two hostesses who look at us and ask "Party of 5? Do you need high chairs?" Uh....two of the 5 can barely sit up on their own. Yup, need some high chairs. Hostess 1 walks over in her itty bitty I'm afraid I might see her vagina shorts to a 4 top table. She pulls one chair away and puts two highchairs in it's place. This table is about 2x2. Mr. Mayer and I just look at each other. Surely it won't be as bad and uncomfortable as it looks. Right? Hostess 2 walks us over to the bar stool, er, um, table in equally short I hope she doesn't bend over shorts (I mean really people, cover your ass). We unpack and situate the brood. I start giving Shrek and Donkey some puffs to avoid the nuclear meltdown that occurs when they are sitting down. We sit there for a few minutes and a waitress saunters over to us and takes our drink orders. Okay, so far so good. Besides the bar stool we have for a table, it's okay. It's a pretty busy restaurant. That bodes well. Shrek and Donkey are happily eating their snacks. The waitress brings us our drink orders and takes our dinner order. This is going pretty well.
Our table is at the front of the restaurant. Not that it's a very large restaurant anyway. We are maybe 5 steps away from the hostess stand. They are standing there looking at our table and the floor around us and talking to each other. Yeah...they are babies, they don't always hit their mouth. Sorry, but it's either have them scream bloody murder or you might have to sweep the floor when we leave. Your choice.
Diva is VERY excited to be out at a restaurant. Because, lets face it, unless it's drive through we don't all go out together very much. We are teasing Mr. Mayer because he doesn't like the sticky hands that Shrek and Donkey have or the mess they make when they eat. Diva keeps getting up to tell me "secrets." Why she's getting up I don't know. She's practically sitting in my lap. I tell her a few times to sit down and stay in her seat. I had ordered a Dr. Pepper. It was a very large Dr. Pepper. I had only had one drink when Diva stands up to tell me another secret and....yup, knocks the entire glass my lap! Fan freakin' tastic. I'm wearing white shorts. Even better. Mr. Mayer initially looks shocked. I don't know what else to do but laugh. Diva looks terror stricken and then relaxes. It is cold, sticky and everywhere. On me, the floor, Shrek is splashing in it. Hostess 1 and 2 are standing there staring at us- then they walk off. Two waitresses walk past us and don't stop. We don't even have a napkin at our table. Another waitress walks by and says she will go get us a towel. Mr. Mayer then says "Yeah, the one who is getting a towel is over there cleaning a table." WTF?! I dig some baby wipes out of the diaper bag and start sweeping some of the puddle away from Shrek and mopping myself up. The two hostesses are back at their post looking at us. Our waitress walks by and says she will get a mop. Then someone shows up with a towel. I reach out to take it because I thought she had brought that over so I could mop myself off. But, no, she starts cleaning the floor with it. Wow, thanks, I'll just use these baby wipes. Our waitress mops the floor under Diva's chair. Not sure why since the lake was on me and under my chair. Hostess 1 and 2 are still looking at us. Finally Mr. Mayer and I get the table cleaned up and I wipe off my chair and my legs and arms with the baby wipes.
Our bread sticks arrive. Dang- they are really good. Diva has to go potty. Not because she really has to go, but because she's obsessed with public restrooms. When Diva and I come back Mr. Mayer tells me that the hostesses with the mostesses were standing at their stand looking at the table, pointing to the floor under Shrek and Donkey and talking about it. Meanwhile there is still a lake under my seat and it splashes when I put my feet down. Yeah, there's a mess and yeah, you're going to clean it up. I give Shrek and Donkey some more puffs.

Our pizza arrives. It is lava hot. Our waitress brings us some napkins. The pizza is so hot that we can barely pick it up. I try to get the stellar hostesses attention, but they look the other way. Our waitress walks by and I ask her for some forks so that we can cut Diva's piece so it will cool down a little quicker.
Finally, we eat our pizza. Dang- it's really good too.
We finish eating. Diva isn't interested in her dinner. Weird. She's been in a weird mood all day. I continue to feed Shrek and Donkey more puffs than they really need or want just so they will drop them on the floor. I'm passive aggressive like that. My feet splash in the liquid below. Our waitress brings us our ticket and Mr. Mayer quickly pays. He's very anxious to get out of there. We quickly leave the restaurant. Diva asks me why my shorts are so messy. Hmmm...gee, I don't know.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WhAt ShE wOrE wEdNeSdAy

Wow...that's all I have to say people. Wow.

Shrug: Children's Place
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Thrift Store find (thanks Nana Karen!)
Shoes: Target- they go with everything ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have twins. In order for me to have any freedom or do anything ordinary I MUST have a stroller. A double stroller. Have you ever seen/pushed/owned a double stroller? It's like a land train. It's like being a bull in a china shop wherever you go. I started my journey with a Graco tandem stroller that the car seats fit into. This stroller was as long as I am tall. The boys hated it because they didn't like not being by each other. I started researching and asking around and was told by numerous sources that the best stroller was the Peg Perego Aria.

I priced new ones and searched Craig's List and found one for a reasonable price. I was very excited. Now, the stroller is light weight enough for me to carry in one hand. The boys were happy with it because they could see/touch/steal toys and snack from each other. Very important to them. However....the canopy barely covers the boys heads. Not good with the Oklahoma weather. And see those double wheels on the front. Those wheels are the bain of my existence. Every door I go through those wheels get turned and stuck on the door jams. Every time I stop pushing the stroller the wheels turn and it takes 5 minutes to get it to go again. I could lock the front wheels to keep them from turning, but that stops the stroller from turning. I either need a 25 foot birth to make a turn or do a wheelie and turn it. Not a problem in wide open spaces. Not so good in Target or the daycare. I cuss this stroller daily because it makes any outing I go on even more difficult.
Mr. Mayer recently bought me another stroller to go walking with the boys and big outings. I was super excited. My plan was to use the new stroller as my everyday every occasion stroller. It is a Baby Trend Navigator stroller. LOVE IT!

This stroller is easy to push. It has an audio jack to plug an ipod into. Cup holders and large canopies to cover the boys. I seriously love this stroller. then we went on our first outing with this little gem. It is 1/2 an inch to wide to fit through doors. WHAT?! Yup, doesn't fit through doors. In addition to weighing 50 pounds it is wide. Disappointed doesn't begin to describe what I felt. Also- I drive a van. I have 3 kids and they have a lot of accessories. This stroller took up the entire back end of my van. Not good. So, Mr. Mayer and I started using the Peg Perego stroller for trips to the store and places we would need to fit through doorways. We would switch strollers and use "the big stroller" if we were going for a walk or doing anything out doors. Not the best situation. It was a pain in the a$$ to say the least. But, I really loved the "big stroller." Ugh.
Mr. Mayer had doubts about what I said about the Peg Perego stroller being a nightmare to push. Then we went to the grocery store with it on a crowded day. Mr. Mayer no longer had any doubts about why I disliked this stroller. That was Saturday....
This arrived yesterday....

3rd time's a charm right (yes I realize that it's really my 4th*)? It's a Bob. According to Internet research this is the top rated stroller available. No double wheels in the front. It's half the weight of my big stroller. Door tested and it fits. Large canopies to cover the boys. Easy to push. Decent basket on the bottom for storage. Side by side so the little dudes can see/touch/steal toys and snacks from each other. Oh, and takes up only half the back of my van! Granted, I haven't taken it out of my garage yet since it just arrived last night. But, so far I'm a fan. Diva likes it also because it's "Go Pokes" color. I am going to take Shrek and Donkey out somewhere today to give it a try. And, of course I will have to use it when I go pick Diva up at daycare. I'll let you know what my thoughts are.

*I'm spoiled. I have never denied this fact.

WhAt ShE wOrE wEdNeSdAy

It's Wednesday again!! I have to say, she surprised me with her choice this morning. She even brushed her hair, though she refused my strong urging of a pony tail.

She doesn't look like a crazy cat lady today!

Tank Top: Aunt Jackie
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WhAt ShE wOrE wEdNeSdAy

It's Wednesday and you know what that means....

Today Diva stayed home with me. She had a dentist appointment this morning.
T-Shirt: Target
Shorts: Old navy
Mismatched socks: a gift
Dress Shoes: Target

I did manage to put her hair in a pony tail before we left the house. Otherwise I had no input into today's creation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 Month Check Up

Waiting to see the doctor
Nine months have gone by. It doesn't seem possible. Where did it go? I will be honest. The first 6 months are a blur and there were times (many times) I was not sure we would survive another day. But, the older they get and the more sleep Mr. Mayer and I get the better we are all doing.
These boys had their 9 month check up yesterday. Everything went well and these little dudes are thriving! We (haha, Mr. Mayer) will be taking their 9 month pictures over the weekend. Until then I will share a couple of pictures I snapped over the weekend.

Owen Walter Mayer aka Donkey
My first born
Weight: 19 lbs 3.2 oz (32%) 
He weighed 6 lbs 4 oz when he was born. 
Height: 27 1/4 inches (17%)
He has two bottom teeth.
He is very chill little dude. Nothing riles him up. He has gotten very chatty over the past month. His Nana Sue loves it. He will sit and look you straight in the eye and jabber his little head off.
He loves his Mama, but is pretty equally attached to Daddy. If he sees Daddy and does not get acknowledged he cries until Daddy comes back and talks to him.
He can say 'Mama' but prefers to say 'Dada.' He reserves 'Mama' for when he is really upset.
He will sit in the toy corner and play by himself for ever.
He sleeps all night. Bedtime is around 6:30 usually and he wakes up between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning.
When he does wake up he will sit in his crib and play with his pacifier or stuffed animal and never make a peep.
Owen isn't pulling up yet, but has shown and interest. Yesterday he managed to pull himself up in his crib and was very proud of himself.
He has transitioned from the Army crawl to the big boy belly off the floor crawl. He looks like Frankenstein when he does it.
Mr. Owen LOVES to eat. He is learning to self feed and really enjoys Cheerios. He likes anything orange and does not really care for green foods or tart fruits.
He can hold his own bottle for very short period of times. We are working on this skill.
He is my father in law incarnate. He looks like him and has the same even keeled temperament as he did. He even makes the same facial expressions that he used to make.
He likes to give kisses and be snuggled.
Carter James Mayer aka Shrek
The second born
Weight: 21 lbs 5 oz (62%)
He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz at birth.
Height: 28 inches (41%)
He has two bottom teeth.
I knew when I was pregnant that this one was going to be wild. He was always in constant motion. Nothing has changed. He is always in constant motion.
He is easily upset. If something does not go exactly how he thinks it should he screams.
He doesn't chat like his brother, but he squeals. He thinks it's a really fun game to squeal.
He makes hysterical facial expressions. His favorite is wrinkling his nose up when you look at him.
He's a flirt. If we are in public and there is a warm body anywhere in his vicinity he hones in on them and squeals and smiles at them until they acknowledge he's there.
He's a Mama's boy. He thinks I should be in his line of sight at every moment of his day.
He likes "wrestling" with Daddy..
He likes to touch his brother. I put them in their stroller and he immediately leans over and puts his hand on his brother. He also likes to take the pacifier out of his brother's mouth and put it in his. He then takes the pacifier that he had and gives to his brother.
He can say 'Mama' but prefers to say 'Dada.' Like Owen he saves 'Mama' for when he is upset.
He pulls up and "coasts" on everything. Even the dogs. He has even taken a few steps behind a walker.
He tries to climb. He's going to make me work.
He still Army crawls.
He sleeps all night~ most of the time. Bedtime is around 6:30 usually. He wakes up between 7 and 8 in the morning. He wakes up talking and squealing. He is not content to sit in his crib and play.
Carter loves his food. I have not come across a food he does not like.
He refuses to hold his own bottle unless he is using it as a drum.
He will only snuggle when he's tired. But, likes to give kisses. Usually to the dog.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WhAt ShE wOrE wEdNeSdAy

Happy Hump Day!! The little Diva picked out her favorite dress to wear today...I think we have all seen it before.
I started a "treasure chest" for Diva to pick out of when she doesn't pee in her pants. She didn't pee her pants yesterday so she was able to choose something. She picked out a new hair bow that she wore today. She made sure I had a picture of that.
I don't have any Memorial Day pictures uploaded- yet. I have a picture from my cell phone of Diva and her cousin. I took the girls to lunch and then we had to make a run to Wal-Mart. I told the girls if they would act like big girls and not jump out of the cart they could pick out some gum when we checked out. They had a very good time over the holiday.
They were very big girls!


I think child birth in general helps a woman get over any modesty they may possess. At least it did for me. Being a mother of twins has forced me into more weird conversations than I ever thought possible. And forced me to share more about myself with complete strangers than I ever imagined. I have become accustom to answering questions about the boys. Every once and a while I get asked a question that makes me pause. I get asked whether they are twins, identical or fraternal, boys or girls, whose the oldest, etc. One woman asked me how many minutes apart they were. She didn't know what to say when I said "27 minutes." I didn't go into the details of why they were so far apart. Another woman asked me as she was checking me out in a grocery store if I was still with the father. "Um, well...ah...yes." She then went on to say how much that must help me. 
Today was no different. I was thrown for a loop. I took the boys to the mall. Seriously to get just one thing. Of course that didn't happen. As I was buying a new bra at the first store the cashiers were commenting on how cute Shrek and Donkey were and asking if they were twins. Then the conversation goes like this....I can't make this up people.
Cashier: They don't look much alike. Are they identical?
Me: No, they are fraternal.
Cashier: Oh, so you released two eggs when you conceived them instead of it splitting?
Me: Uh, um, ah, yeah. That's what happened.
Cashier: Is that real common? 
Me: I don't really know.
Cashier: Was is spontaneous or do you have twins in your family? I don't have any twins in my family.
Me: Uh, well, I have twins in my family. My dad was a twin. 
Cashier: Wow, I hope I have twins. I wonder if there is anything you can do to make your body drop 2 eggs. Did you do anything?
***Carter starts screaming and the conversation ends.***Thank God!!***