Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Almost Died Today

True story. Iwasthisclose. Just wanted to let you know. What happened you ask? Well let me tell you. I have an LCSW. That's Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I worked my tail end off for 2 years and studied my brains out to get it. Then I quit work. I struggled a lot about whether to keep my license. Mr. Mayer even asked me why I keep it. Basic answer= I worked way to hard to get it to give it up. Even if I am not using it right now it gives me something to fall back on later. To maintain it I have to have 16 hours of CEU's (Continuing Education) every year. To obtain those 16 hours I am typically subjected to boring trainings and workshops. This past Sunday I went with a friend to OKC and attended an Ethics workshop. Let me tell you~there is nothing exciting about ethics. Normally I can breeze through these workshops and trainings with some degree of interest and not completely losing my brains. Then today happened and my near death experience. Let me set the stage: I'm a social worker through and through. My background and experience is child abuse. I could talk about child abuse until the cows come home. Because I have spent 10 years in child abuse and am currently on hiatus I decided that I would start taking some CEU classes outside of child abuse to broaden my horizons. Hmmph. I had a voucher for a free class through a website I use a lot, but it had to be used before March 31 of this year. So, I browsed the classes. I found one on Alzheimer's that I was really interested in. It was full and I couldn't get in. Then I found a class on Dyslexia. I don't know anything about Dyslexia. This might be interesting. I arrive this morning to the hotel. There is a table a few rows from the back. One woman is sitting at the table. There are 4 empty chairs. The speaker has already started so I am trying to be quiet. I start to sit in a chair and the ONE WOMAN  at the table hisses 'Those seats are saved!!" Yikes. Excuuuuusssse me. My initial instinct was to sit down anyway, but there was an empty chair in the row in front of me. I politely take that seat. It's over an hour before Griselda's friends show up to take their 'saved' seats. Then they arrive like a freight train. Sheesh. The speaker is speaking. She's an older woman. She's been working with dyslexia for a very.long.time. It takes me about 30 minutes to realize that I am in wwwwaaaaayyyyyy over my head. I have no idea what this woman is talking about. I am sitting in a room full of Speech Pathologist and Reading Specialist. The speaker is rambling on about different tests to give dyslexic children and different phonetic issues. I am so lost. Then she makes us work with partners throughout the day on different worksheets. I apologize to my partner. She is a Speech Pathologist. I tell her up front I have no idea what is being discussed nor do I have a clue what an Advanced Decoding Skills Survey, KTEA, DAB, WJIII, etc. is or what to do with them. I think she is disappointed she got the class dunce for her partner. The day proceeds to eke along at a snails pace. I'm pretty sure I will not survive. I consider clawing my eyes out. It's horrible. It's on my short list of the very worst things I have ever done. I end up reading my book through most of the afternoon session because I am feeling so out of place I can't even pretend to keep up with the discussion anymore. The speakers condescending voice was not helping the situation. I don't think her tone was intentional. Maybe not. Anyway, it was obvious that she was a super genius on this topic and the rest of us were the village idiots. I am so relieved when the workshop is over that I nearly run for the door. I grab my certificate and make a hasty exit. I am certainly getting my 6 hours credit for this day. That is 6 hours of my life I will never get back. I am going to give a little more consideration to the workshops I choose from here on out. I may want to branch out, but maybe not so far out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

I'm back!! Did you miss me?! Did you know I was gone? We were in the winter wonderland of Angel Fire New Mexico last week for Spring Break. It was a loooonnnnnggggg drive, but a lot of fun. All my kids are snow bunnies and loved playing the snow. More about that some other time.
The weather in OK has been fantastic. I love warm and sunny days. I really love getting out of the house and my kids really love playing outside.
I have mentioned before that taking the Dudes to the park-alone-is impossible. There is only one of me and 2 of them running in opposite directions. This morning my dear friend Megan texted and asked if we wanted to meet at the park to play and have a picnic. Luck would have it Aunt Bets is also BFF's with Megan AND Aunt Bets is on a staycation this week. She was going to play with us. YES! Extra hands! Park here we come!
Megan was making sandwiches for the kids, Bets was picking up adult lunch and I was bringing drinks and pears. I hurriedly dress the dudes. Yeah, they were still in their PJ's. Whatever.  We head to the park. Aunt Bets is getting there about the same time as we do. Megan is right behind us. We head to the play area. I unleash the Dudes. Hmmm....weird. They are playing in the same vicinity of each other. Whuck?! That never happens. This continues for some time. Every once in a while Owen takes off for the grassy knoll right by us. I chase him down and drag him back to the slide.
Owen~ see his head. He head butted a door jam the other day when he got mad at me. 
Carter~ he got seriously dizzy playing on this thing. 
There is a water feature at the park where kids can splash and run around. They were cleaning the gutters of it when we arrived. They finally finish cleaning (cause that was way to tempting to babies) and leave. The water feature isn't on, but there is some water left on one of the steps. Owen, Carter and the incredibly sweet Savi found it and splashed and had a great time in that little puddle. You had to watch Owen though because he kept putting his face in the puddle and drinking the water like a dog. He's been eating like this too. Maybe I'm letting him hang out with the dogs to much? Normal, right?
Carter looks like he is supervising the other two. 
Savi~ just because she's so photogenic
After drinking the water and splashing around we go to a picnic table and start eating. Naturally the Dudes don't want their sandwich. They just want the fruit. Oh well. At least they are eating something. We head out after lunch and the melt downs begins. The Dudes take their nap. I feel a little victorious. Of course, with Betsy to chase one while I chased the other helped, but all in all Megan and I agreed that it went so much better than the last time we went to the park.
After nap and we picked up Diva from school we went shoe shopping. Why? Because I bought her new shoes 2 weeks ago and they are already to small. Again I say~ WHUCK?! And the Dudes are scrunching out of their shoes. I mean, couldn't they stagger this a little?
We spend so much time shoe shopping it's dinner time. We grab some burgers because Owen and Carter are yelling at me and go home. After we eat we head out to the back yard to play. Mr. Mayer was working late and not home yet. As soon as Mr. Mayer gets home and steps outside Carter falls off the steps to the slide. The left side of his face and eye immediately bruise and start to swell. Sheesh. My kids are really looking like battered children lately. Between the facial and head injuries their legs are solid bruises.

At least they are completely unfazed by their injuries!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Soccer Mom

So....I'm officially a soccer mom. Yeah. I had always told Diva that she could play soccer when she was 5. My secret hope was she would lose interest and/or forget about it. She didn't. We are a soccer family now.

She is on a team with 6 girls. Two friends of mine who are the moms to 2 other players volunteered to be the teams coaches. Why not me? Ha!! I don't know the first thing about soccer. I just learned 3 weeks ago it's called "dribbling" when you kick the ball with your foot across the field (I'm sure my friend Mike the Soccer Coach is dying as he is reading this because I'm sure he reads all my blog posts.). Oh gosh. I don't have a clue. Diva practices on Wednesday evenings at her school. Mr. Mayer takes her to practice because I can't fit my stroller through the gate. Oh darn :) I was informed when she came home last Wednesday after practice that none of the other girls wear their shin guards to practice. Whoops. I made Diva wear hers. I didn't know she didn't need to. Diva was quick to correct me and tell me that she will not be wearing hers to practice this week.
The first game went as I expected. It was cold. The girls ran in a heard. It's kind of cute to watch. Diva's friend Sophia made a goal for the team. The other team was bigger than our girls, had been playing together for over a year and had even played indoor soccer together in the off season. You can imagine who won the game. Our girls had a great time anyway.
Diva's second game was this past Saturday. It was even colder and earlier this time. My least favorite part of soccer. Diva had announced to us before we left for the game that "I'm going to make a score today." Okay. You do that. We get to the field. Warm up. Game starts. This time it's a little more evenly matched. The girls are all about the same size and have about the same experience. We still lost, but Diva made a score. It was a very proud moment~for both of us. She thought she was a very big deal. I was so happy for her.

This week will be much of the same. Practice on Wednesday (without shin guards!) and a game on Saturday. Hopefully it won't be as cold. The Dudes do alright at the games. They are a little protected from the wind in their stroller and stay somewhat warm. As long as I can keep them supplied with snacks they will sit there happily and watch the girls play soccer. Shrek is quick to let me know when they run out of snacks.

I'm not sure how long Diva will stick with this soccer thing. I was toying with an idea of competitive cheer at her gymnastics place this last week (I have decided against it!!). I casually asked Diva if she had her choice between cheer and soccer what would she choose. She chose cheer. I asked why and she said "Soccer is kinda hard to do." Oh little girl. If you only knew.
The teams name is oddly appropriate I think. The other girls are as prissy as mine. The name they chose....The Diva's.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm done. With babies that is. Asking someone if they are going to have more kids is a tricky question. At least in my opinion. I mean, how do you know? The person themselves might not even know or have decided yet. Especially for a Mom of Multiples. Take me for example...I often joke that I could handle one baby in my sleep at this point. It's true. I think I could. Do I want to? Nope. I've been on the fence about the subject. I've thought several times since I had the Dudes that "Oh, a 4th baby wouldn't be so bad." However, the older the Dudes get the less inclination I have for more. I know lots of women who agree with me on this topic. They are D.O.N.E. I also know plenty that want more kids. I was helping a friend last night with her 4 month old babies. They were tired and fussy. I was holding one who had no intention of going to sleep and was going to fight it all the way. I realized at that moment that I had no desire to go through that stage again. The first 6 months with the Dudes are a blur. I was the walking dead. The last year has been tough, but seems to be getting easier. Sleeping all night has helped. I don't want to go through the baby stage again. I don't want to get up at night for feedings. I don't want to breastfeed again or feel that horrible guilt when I stop. The guys are getting bigger and I see a light at the end of the tunnel when I don't have to cart pack-n-play's around everywhere we go. I'm also closer to having 0 kids in diapers than I was 18 months ago. The day the Dudes started drinking whole milk I felt like throwing a party. I can only imagine the relief I will have the day we are done with diapers. And, if I am being perfectly honest. I hated pregnancy. It was not a glowing pleasant experience for me. I'm looking forward to the next stages with my kids. They all have their own unique personalities and I'm sure that the next few years will be an adventure.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Eleven

I received an email from my fellow twin mommy friend, Alicia inviting me to participate in the eleven.....

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post a photo of yourself & 11 random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create 11 new questions & tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter & let them know they’ve been tagged.

So, here are my random facts about myself. (in no particular order)

1. I am clumsy. Completely ungraceful. I could walk across a flat surface and trip, knock over drink glasses that aren't mine, drop things, etc. It's a natural talent. I'm knock kneed and pigeon toed. It's bad. My mom used to make me wear my shoes on the wrong feet hoping it would straighten out. It didn't work. My poor babies are just as knock kneed and pigeon toed as me. 
2. I LOVE to cook. The Food Network is my favorite TV channel. I'm pretty good at following recipes and "tweaking" them. I haven't really ever been able to come up with my own recipes. I would love to take cooking classes some day. 
3. I'm a terrible parker. I'm okay at driving. Parking is a different story. I can't get it straight. I have to swing it wide to get it in a spot. There have been plenty of times I could not back out of a parking spot and had to have someone else do it for me. Mr. Mayer questions how I ever got my driver's license. To my credit only one two car accidents were my fault. 
4. I have insanely long toes. They look like fingers. My second toes are 2 inches long. I could probably wear a whole size smaller in shoes if it weren't for my toes.
5. I have a terrible sweet tooth. If it is a sweet I'm going to eat it. I hate that. I used to balance out my sweet tooth with exercise. I've really fallen off the wagon lately. 
6. I rarely eat chips. I don't keep them at my house. I will eat chips and salsa at a restaurant. It's a crunch thing. I don't care for it. I don't eat croutons either. Back to the crunch thing. At least I eat chips on occasion. I never eat croutons. 
7. I'm attempting to live green. I'm an avid recycler. Like I dig things out of the trash can to recycle. I use all natural cleaning products, laundry detergent, I don't use fabric softener I only use vinegar. I attempt to grow my own vegetables. I'm a really bad gardner so I joined a local Co-Op and get local natural fruits and veggies. I've been buying a side of beef from a local rancher. It's grass fed and not pumped full of drugs. I buy organic chicken and try to stick with local eggs when I can. I'm trying to buy more second hand clothes and less new. I really want to start composting but I'm not sure what I would do with it if I did compost. I also would really like to have a rain barrel. Maybe for Easter or Mother's Day :)
8. Onions make me gag. I've finally reached a point in my life where I can cook with them and eat them if they are cooked-well. Forget about me ever eating a raw onion. 
9. I'm obsessed with washing my sheets. I change sheets on my bed every 3-4 days. If someone has been sick I change them daily until they are well. I saw a thing on the Discovery Channel once talking about the gunk on your sheets. Really stuck with me. That and I really love how clean sheets smell. 
10. I'm adopted by my paternal grandparents. My bio Dad was on drugs and in and out of jail and my bio Mom had issues. It has made for a humorous family tree. Aunts are sisters, uncles are brothers, cousins are nieces and nephews....
11. I wore dentures in Kindergarten. It was humiliating. As a reward for being good that day Mrs. Murphy would give everyone a piece of candy. My dentures would fall out when I would eat the candy and the kids made fun of me. I had to have all my teeth pulled when I was 4 because they were rotten. Finally by 1st grade my Mom let me stop wearing them. My other teeth were starting to come in and I just looked like a really snaggle toothed kid. 

Okay...done with the random. That was a lot harder than it sounded like it should be. Now to Alicia's questions for me. 

1. What would your perfect day be like? Hmmm....sleeping until I was done in the morning. Not having anything I had to do or anywhere I had to be. I could just lay by a pool somewhere and read my book and just be.
2. When was the last time you cried? Friday. When the nurse at Urgent Care told me Owen would have to have stitches. I lost it.
3. What is your favorite physical feature? That's really hard. Hmmm....My eyes. I think I have very expressive eyes. They also change color with my mood.
4. Are you a morning or night person? More mid-day. I am not a morning person. Please do not chit chat with me in the morning. I must have coffee and a little bit to come alive. I've never been a stay up late person. I really like my sleep.
5. What's your number one celebrity crush? Alexander Skarsgard....*sigh* I think he's pretty dreamy.
6. If money, schooling, or time wasn't an issue :: what career would you choose? Lately I've been leaning more towards physical therapist or occupational therapist. I have no desire to go to school ever again though.
7. What's the one thing you look forward to each day? The kids bedtime. Terrible right? It's true. My day is 90 to nothing all day. I barely have time to think. When they go to bed I get to sit down (eventually) and there is a stillness and a quiet in the house. I love it.
8. If you had to choose one color to wear forever :: what would it be? Black. It takes the pounds off right?
9. What's the worst injury you have ever had? I've never really had a lot of injuries. I am just getting over Plantars Fasciitis. That was insanely painful. I also have a knee cap that slips out of place. Not often thank goodness. I unfortunately don't know when it will and it is horribly painful when it does.
10. Most frequented website? Facebook...maybe Twitter.
11. What's your ideal date? Dinner and a movie? I'm a pretty laid back person. Give me some sushi and a good movie. I'm a happy girl. Lame I know. Mr. Mayer and I did a cooking class last year. We got to eat what we made. It was a lot of fun. I would like to do that again sometime. 

Wow! That was work, but fun. I'm going to tag :: Rachel, Annissa, Megan and Sarah My 11 question for you all are {and, I'll be honest. I took these questions from other blogs. I couldn't come up with my own.}....

1.When was the last time you cried?
2. What is your favorite physical feature?
3. What's the one thing you look forward to each day?
4.Where do you want to be in five years?
5. How did you meet your significant other?
6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
7. Could you ever be a contestant on Fear Factor?
8. What is your guilty pleasure?
9. What is your favorite smell?
10. What is the first perfume you ever purchased/wore?
11. Sweet or Sour?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two Stitches

Friday was a pretty good day. I even bragged a little about how well it was going here. I should have known better. Let me start by telling you how my Friday night should have gone. Or, at least how I planned for it to go.
Mr. Mayer was out of town at a funeral. He was going to be home between 4 and 4:30. Then he and Diva were going to Science Night at her school. She was very excited about this. I originally planned to stay home with the Dudes. Mid afternoon on Friday Aunt Betsy and I decided that we were going to do a girls night and get some dinner. Betsy talked to Megan and she was going to join us. I was very excited about this. I had been dying to get together with these girls and to get out sans kids for a little bit. I asked one of the girls that live next door if she could hang out with the Dudes until Mr. Mayer came home. I was ready.'s what happened. A little long~sorry.
Carter had a yucky diaper. I was changing him and up to my elbows in wipes. There is a huge (it really is a large) rocking chair sitting in their room next to the changing table. It's wooden with 2 cushions on the seat and back. The Dudes have started sitting in this rocking chair when they are in there with me for diaper changes, etc. Owen especially really loves this rocking chair. He loves to rock. A lot of times during the day he and I just rock in this chair. I was changing Carter so Owen crawled into the chair. I didn't think much of it. He does it all the time. Owen's foot gets caught underneath him. He raises up to get his foot out. He loses his balance and smashes his face into the arm of the rocking chair. He immediately starts screaming. At first I think he's just mad because he fell. I tell him he's okay. He gets out of the chair and is walking around the bedroom screaming and crying. I am assuming he hurt his nose or something. I finish changing Carter and turn around. That's when I see blood. Everywhere. I freak the freak out calmly grab pick Owen up and try to figure out where the blood is spewing from. At first guess I think he bumped his gums (it's happened more times than I can count) or his nose was bleeding. I start wiping and looking. I see a cut on his lip. It doesn't look like much. I can't see if very well though. I try to clean it off as best as I can. It's not going well. It won't stop bleeding. From what I can tell between blood and Owen squirming around it looks like there is about a 1/4 of an inch cut on his lip, but it looks kind of gaping though. Wowzer's it's bleeding a lot. I am panicking calmly cleaning Owen up. We walk to the kitchen and I am getting him a frozen teether and a wet rag. Mr. Mayer calls in the midst of all this. I tell him what happened. He asks if I need to take Owen to the ER. I don't know. How do you know if he needs to go the ER? I tell him that I think the blood is slowing down. We need to go pick up my produce bag from a coop I belong to. Mr. Mayer says he will be home in about 45 minutes. Owen is calm and running around with Carter by this point. I try to keep him with a frozen teether because it's swollen. I load everyone up and go get my bag (It's less than a 20 minute trip round trip). We get home and I go to get Owen out of the car and his lip had started bleeding with a vengeance again. I try to clean him up and hold something on it. It's not stopping. I'm panicking. I'm not sure what to do. I start to call Nana Karen so she can talk me down. I also consider loading Owen up and going to my friend Sarah's house. Her husband is a doctor and they are only a couple of blocks away. Mr. Mayer gets home. I show him Owen's wound. By this point I have decided that Owen cut his lip with a tooth when he face planted on the chair. I'm still having a hard time getting a good look at it. I call Dr. Freed and leave a message. I'm really needing some direction on this. Mr. Mayer says it looks kind of bad. We decide to take him to Pediatric Urgent Care. I call Aunt Betsy and tell her what is happening. She says she will meet me at Urgent Care because if Owen has to have stitches I'm going to lose it. We learned that lesson when Diva had to have blood drawn. On my way to Urgent Care Mr. Mayer calls and says that Dr. Freed's office called back. They said to take him to Urgent Care because if Owen needed stitches Urgent Care was more equipped with medication and sutures that Dr. Freed's office. We get to Urgent Care. They take us back to the procedure room. Ugh...I know where this is going. Owen is happy as a clam. He's running and climbing and acting silly. Lip still bleeding. I'm a mess. The doctor comes in and takes a look at him and says "You need to go to the ER." She explained that he needed stitches and she wasn't even going to attempt to do them because of the location of the cut. Oh no!! She calls ahead to the Pediatric Emergency Room and tells them we are coming. Aunt Bets and I load up and go to the ER. I'm nauseous. We get to the ER and they had already been told we were on our way. They take us back to a room. As luck would have it I knew one of the doctor's (Dr. Doug) working there that night. He came in and talked with me. Dr. Mundy checked Owen out and said that he definitely needed stitches. He said that I could leave the room if I needed to while they did it. Betsy laughed and said that was why she was there. They give Owen the loopy juice and have us wait while it took affect. That little boy was one drunk little Dude. He was so silly. Then the icky stuff started.
Two nurses came in and swaddled Owen. He hated this. He has always hated to be restrained. I really thought about the leaving the room. I wasn't sure I could keep my composure while my baby cried and I couldn't do anything. I decided I didn't want to be a complete loser so I stayed in the room. On the very far end of the room. Aunt Bets sat beside Owen. Two nurses held him down. I was crushed. Dr. Doug came in and assured me that Owen couldn't feel anything. He was just upset because he was being held down. In the back of my mind I had a nagging voice say "What if he was in pain and could feel it?!" I was so glad when they were through. Owen missed dinner and it was nearing his bedtime. He was drunk and now he had two stitches in his lip. The nurse brought a Popsicle for him. It was his first Popsicle. He loved it. Then they brought him some goldfish. He gobbled those up as well. We head home with my drunk little boy.
 When we get home the babysitter is there. Carter is screaming bloody murder from his bedroom. Makenzie says that he had been doing that since she laid him down a little bit before we got there. I change Owen and go lay him down in bed. Both boys cried for maybe 5 minutes. Then they were both out like lights. Betsy and I waited about 10 minutes to make sure they were sleeping. Then we leave and go get some dinner at Osaka (I know. I know. I'm a terrible Mommy for this). Mr. Mayer and Diva would be home soon and I was starving. Not exactly the girls night out we had planned!
Mr. Mayer told me that when we left that Carter spent the evening wandering around the house looking for his brother. This was only the second time that the boys had been separated and definitely the longest stretch of time. I never thought that Carter would react the way he did. Especially at bedtime. But, thinking about it. His brother was gone, someone different put him to bed and for the first time ever he was alone in his bedroom. I'm sure it was terrifying for him. I thought it was so sweet that he went to sleep as soon as Owen was with him.
This morning I was nervous about how Owen would be feeling. I was expecting that his face was going to be swollen and bruised. Last night it was black around his lip and his face was so swollen. Nope. This morning he got up and was his normal silly self. Other than him rubbing his stitches with his tongue you would never know anything was wrong with his face. No swelling. No bruising. Nothing. For that I am thankful.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Small Victories!

Thank God for small victories! I am celebrating a couple this morning. The Dudes had their 18 month check up this morning. Friday's are also my morning to take Diva to school since it's late start. Normally on doctor days I have Nana Karen, Pam or Mr. Mayer go with me to help out. It is overwhelming and impossible for me to keep up with the Dudes, talk to the doctor and kill me if they have to have shots. So, to be perfectly honest I forgot about their check up this morning until late yesterday. I debated on calling Nana Karen and asking if she would go with us. I wasn't sure if the Dudes would have to have shots or not. Hmmm....what stopped me from calling? The appointment was early this morning and I know Nana Karen is busy and doesn't like early mornings. I hated to call and ask her to help last minute. Mr. Mayer was going to a funeral out of town today and wouldn't be able to help. And, back to hating to call and ask for help last minute is the reason I didn't call Pam either. I seriously considered calling someone. I never did. So this morning Mr. Mayer left, Diva got ready for school. I got the Dudes up and dressed. Packed a portable breakfast for them and off we went. We went to school and dropped Diva off at school. Then I had a little bit of extra time so we went to Starbucks. The line was super long this morning. I guess making up for last weeks super short line! After Starbucks we headed to see Dr. Freed. I was a few minutes early! Woot! Woot! That is a rarity. I usually skate it exactly on the dot. As I was unloading my good friend Jennifer pulled up with her twin boys. Her boys are 2 weeks younger than the Dudes. I had no idea she used the same doctor's office as us. I load the boys into the stroller. It's big and takes up a lot of room, but I decided it would be easier for me to use the stroller than letting them go free. I push the stroller in and check in. All the time saying a silent prayer that they will not have to have shots this morning. After we check in the nurse calls us back. She helps me strip the boys and weigh them. She tells me as we are walking back to the room that there are no shots for them today! Hooray!! The boys play contentedly while we wait for Dr. Freed. He comes in and checks the boys out and we chit chat. All the while the boys just run around and play. Wow! I load the boys into the stroller again. As we are leaving we see my friend Jennifer and her boys again. We chat for a minute and I take and load the boys back into the van.
At this time I randomly decide to take the Dudes for a haircut. They are looking a little shabby. I can tuck the hair behind their ears! We drive over  and I again load the Dudes into the stroller (how would I survive without this thing?!) and go in to see Mr. Will. They were busy this morning. We were going to have to wait. As I walked in a mother was wrestling her little girl into the chair. The little girl was screaming bloody murder and kicking her legs. She continued to do this the entire time Mr. Will was cutting her hair. The Dudes were completely oblivious to this. I had freed them and they were playing with the toys while we waited. After the little girl was done a little boy was next. I sat there getting a little more nervous as I watched his grandmother chase him around the room, wrestle him to the floor and force him into the chair. He proceeded to scream bloody murder the entire time he was getting his haircut as well. Yikes! Carter was next. Dum Da Dum Dum Dum....moment of truth. I picked Carter up and carry him to the chair. Buckle him in. Owen is continuing to play happily. Mr. Will starts to cut Carter's hair. Carter starts turning the tractor wheel on the chair and laughing when Mr. Will uses the razor. Before I know it Carter is done. Wow! He actually was laughing and having a good time. Owen was next. I was sure this is when it would fall apart. I pick Owen up and put him in the chair. He starts spinning the tractor wheel and laughing at Mr. Will. What the What?! This is weird. I pay for the haircuts. As I load the Dudes into the stroller I hear screaming. I look over and yet another mother is on the floor wrestling her toddler trying to pick him up and put him in the chair for his haircut. Oy vey! The Dudes and I leave. I give the Dudes some suckers for the ride home. I am over the moon happy about how well this morning has gone and how well the Dudes were. Wow! It went nothing like I was expecting.
This is one happy Mama!