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So.....a while back I may or may not have given Mr. Mayer some crap for packing my shoes and nearly having to go barefoot through a couple of airports. Because. Seriously. He packed my shoes. Now, I should probably come clean. I typically forget to pack something every time we go somewhere. Most of the time I forget to pack a child's underwear. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because they are small? Beats me. This trip to my inlaws is no different. Totally forgot to pack the Dudes some underwear. We discovered this at 6:15 this morning. Thanksgiving morning no less.  Happy turkey day!!! So, being a good little Mom I wash the Dudes underwear, or "underwears" as #2 calls them. When they are washed and dried I promptly dress the Dudes and #2 promptly pees his pants. Doh! Of course he did. Now my child who LOVES his penis is going commando. You can imagine how much he is loving this. I may never get him back in his underwears again.