Friday, April 27, 2012

It's A Good Full

It's always fun to talk to other parents of multiples. They are the only other people in the world that truly understands and can laugh with you about the things that are said/ask of you. It's a feeling of camaraderie that you don't feel with other's. I belong to a local group of MOMs (Mother's of Multiples). I love getting together with these ladies and talking with them. We share and laugh about whatever our kids are doing or the newest crazy thing we were asked at the grocery store. I'll be perfectly honest....the attention the kids and I would get when we would go out anywhere really bothered me in the beginning. The questions that I was asked bothered me even more. Somewhere along the way I have gotten over that. In fact I even find humor in the looks we get now a days. And I dare someone to give me the stink eye at the grocery store when one of the boys is screaming his head off because he has to ride in a cart or his brother touched him. Because, yeah, um, that never happens. I was just guessing that it might happen. My kids are perfect (dripping with sarcasm). 
Now....let me set the stage of the latest conversation for you...
Olivia does gymnastics one day a week. She has a couple of friends that go to the same gymnastics place. Every once in a while her two friends (who happen to be sisters) come home with us after gymnastics. This week was no exception. Olivia is always asking to go eat "in a restaurant." It's a pretty big deal to get to do this. Because honestly the idea of carting the Dudes inside an eating establishment by myself is daunting. We typically do drive-thru. This week however I must have been drinking to much or something because after gymnastics I loaded up Olivia, the Dudes and Olivia's two little friends then offered to take them to eat pizza~in a restaurant! Mr. Mayer was doing a happy hour with some friends after work so I decided it would be fun for the girls. Clearly I was not thinking. I chose a place close to our house that was small and I thought would be safer and easier for me to maneuver than a larger place. On the way I called Aunt Bets to see if she wanted dinner. It was kind of last minute so I wasn't really guessing she would, but she said she would meet us. Yay!! A grown up!! We arrive and the girls all run inside and I carry the Dudes in clumsily. I have to give a big shout out to the woman working the counter. She came and helped me get the boys in high chairs and gave all the kids suckers so they would be quiet and I could get things situated. Naturally all 3 girls had to go potty. This place was tiny so I was comfortable letting them go in by themselves. The bathroom was right off the dining room area and I could hear them giggling. I order. While we are waiting a man from in the back comes out. He looks at the 5 kids at the table with me. The girls are being very giggly and the Dudes are loving it. Then as always happens he goes : 
Man: "Are all these kids yours?"
Me: "No, just 3 of them."
Man: "Wow! That's a lot. The two babies can't both be yours."
Me: "Actually, no they are 2 of my three."
Man: "Oh, wow! Are they twins or something?"
Me: this is the part I really want to be smart and say or something. I always stop myself and just say "yeah, they are twins."
Man: "You have your hands full."
I think that is the standard response when anyone sees us "You have your hands full." Like I said above. I hardly notice anymore. I typically just laugh and go about my business without much of a response. It doesn't really bother me~anymore. I can't say it never did because it did. This statement is a source of lots of discussion amongst my other Twin Mommies. Some ladies respond by saying "It's a good full." Another really common statement I hear a ton is "Oh there's double trouble." Again. I hardly acknowledge it anymore or notice. I again just laugh and go about my business. Some ladies have said that when someone says that to them they say "Double the love" or "Double the blessings," etc. You get the idea. Me. I'm not that clever to think of a response. I can say that even after all this time when I get questions about how I got pregnant with my twins, whether we did fertility treatments, runs in my family, etc. still shocks me when it's a complete stranger asking me these questions in the middle of WalMart. I still get uncomfortable in those conversations. I chuckle when I'm asked if the Dudes are identical. One has blond hair. One has brown hair. Besides that glaring difference there are a few other physical differences that make me just go "Whuck?!" Are we looking at the same kids? Clearly they are not identical. Needless to say I feel very fortunate that I have maintained my humor through this adventure and that I have a great support system of other MOMs who have shared the same experiences and can laugh with me. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slow Down

I read a post this morning that grabbed my attention. Once Upon a Time: Mama Confessions Part 2 I need to take a tip or two from her and learn to slow down. Mr. Mayer tells me quiet often that I do to much. I'm trying. I just want my kids to have lots of good memories and I don't want them to miss out on anything that I have a tendency to go overboard. Learning how to slow down has been a difficult challenge for me. The article she linked to here really spoke to me. In my effort to create memories and make my children's lives happy I forget to stop and do things with them. I get so wrapped up in trying to make life perfect I forget to enjoy life. Truth of the matter is that life is not perfect. I should know this by now. Somehow I keep forgetting. Memories are great, but if Mr. Mayer and I are not in the memories it kind of defeats the purpose. Summer is fast approaching. It's my favorite time of year. My goal this summer is to slow down and enjoy life a little more. To do things with my kids and to have a little fun. Mr. Mayer and I own a boat. Last summer we were so busy and so scheduled that we only took the boat out once. One of my favorite places on earth is out on the water in the boat. Only once? I'm hoping to increase that number this summer. I just need to keep reminding myself that I can't do it all.
Okay, enough of that...speaking of slowing down. Owen needs to slow down and walk carefully. I need to get him a helmet. He's really hard on his head. Here is another example:

His brother pushed him out of the garage door yesterday and he got a little bruise on the right side of his head. Then yesterday afternoon he was running on the patio and fell and skinned his head. Poor kid looks like a battered child. It was goose egged up last night. Looks a little better today. He has already fallen and skinned his knuckles this morning. Maybe he needs full body armor?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Morning

Mr. Mayer has meetings all week. He's not to excited about them. He's been crazy busy at work lately. I sent him the following video this morning and told him "When you get sick of meetings this week watch this video and enjoy your meeting."

Don't we all wish we could roll around in the floor when we are mad about something?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Totally Lost My Schmidt

I blogged here last night about Carter being sick and me on the verge of losing my mind. Well. It happened. I lost it. In the middle of the Urgent Care waiting room. Not my best moment.
I use blogging as an outlet and a stress reliever. It didn't work last night. I still felt as terrible as before I blogged. Soon after I posted Carter started crying again. I was exhausted and worried about my baby. You know your kids and you know when there is something wrong. Even if you can't put your finger on what that is and can't find the words to say what the problem is. Mr. Mayer and I decided that Carter could not wait until the morning to call the doctor and I took him to the Pediatric Urgent Care near us. We have gone there a lot is seems. When I arrive Carter is continuing to scream and my nerves are shot. There are several families in the waiting room. I walk up to the front desk to check in. The woman behind the desk very nicely says "I'm sorry. We are full. I don't have any room right now." No.No.No. You can't tell me that. I feel the tears start to pool in my eyes. Great. I hate crying. I manage to squeak out "Can we just wait for a little bit?" I start crying. I can see the look of terror in her face as her eyes get wide. *Sigh* I go sit down with my screaming child and try to compose myself. Seems the harder I try to calm myself down the more I cry. Not what I was wanting to do. She hands me a form to fill out. I start to calm down a little. Then she asks me what is going on with Carter and why I want him to be seen. I completely lose it~again. Only this time I'm crying harder and starting to blubber. I'm sure I was a sight to see. I could feel the other people in the waiting room staring at me. I couldn't help myself. I blubber out the issue and tell her I'm not sure what is wrong. In the meantime Carter is continuing to scream, moan and cry. I go sit in a seat near the front desk. There was an older gentleman sitting on the opposite end from me. He gets up and moves when I sit down. Wow. Thanks. We are repelling people. I continue to cry and blubber with Carter as we sit and wait. The waiting room starts to empty out. Two people came in after me and they were sent away to a local Emergency Room. I really hope they see us. About 15 minutes later the woman at the front desk says that they are going to work me in. THANK YOU! I text Mr. Mayer and tell him that
"I guess crying like a fool in the waiting room with a screaming 
kid worked.They said they would squeeze us in. "
We go back to the room. The only way I can get Carter to stop crying is to play music on my phone, hold him standing up and sway to the music. He would lay the phone on my chest and his head on the phone. If I sat down or stopped moving he would start crying again. At this point I will do anything so I sway to the ABC song and Brittany Spears (I have a wide variety on my IPod). The nurses look at Carter. By this point he has that pimply rash all over his hands and chin. The rest of his body was covered by pajamas. The nurses say "Does he have it on his feet?" I don't know. He didn't have any of this when I put him to bed tonight. The nurse tells me that they have seen a lot of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease lately and that is what it looks like on Carter. What? I'm not sure I know what that is. The Doctor comes in. I'm still crying. I start crying again when I have to tell her his symptoms. Sheesh. What is it with me and the tears tonight?! She looks at Carter and says "Yup. I know what that is. Hand Foot and Mouth is going around. It's highly contagious." She looks in his mouth. I take his pajamas off of him. The rash is on his torso, legs and....his feet. I tell the Doctor that the rash was not there at 6:30 when I gave him a bath and put his pajamas on him. She explains to me that the rash can show up quickly. No kidding! She says that in addition to the rash on the skin that they get blisters  in their throat which is why he isn't eating and so cranky. Poor guy. The Doctor says to give him cool liquids and make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. Give him Ibuprofen every 6 hours to help make him comfortable. Otherwise it last 7-10 days and there is not really anything else we can do. Dang. I was really hoping there was some magic medicine I could give him that would return him to my happy little boy. We go home and I put him to bed after some Ibuprofen. Then....he sleeps! He wakes up twice during the night but it was very brief. This morning he slept until almost 9 and he ate some breakfast. Not much, but it's a start. He's still not my happy little boy, but he is playing and not crying this morning. I'll take it. 
I feel terrible. In hindsight after learning the symptoms Owen has the same thing. Just not as bad a case. He has a rash on his bottom and his face. I thought his face was just pimples. We had even teased him for breaking out. Someone told me that once they have this they can't get it again. I hope not. 
Adding to that. I sent and email to people I knew that were at the birthday party yesterday. Had Mr. Mayer and I known our kids were truly funky we never would have taken them to a park!! Sheesh. Let's just infect the whole county. I apologized and hope that they are still my friends after this experience. 
Today I feel like I might survive. I guess sometimes we just have to lose it to start feeling better. I just hate that I had my break down in the middle of the Urgent Care. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

On The Edge of Insanity

I really may lose my schmidt if something doesn't give~soon. I love my kids. I really do love my kids to death. I try to keep my patience and not completely lose it. Some days are more challenging than others. Today being one of those more challenging days. Actually the past 4 days have been a challenge. Earlier in the week Owen woke up from his nap with a fever. No other symptoms. Just a 101 degree fever and he was pretty lethargic. By the following afternoon he was back to normal. Right on cue Carter gets the very same fever 2 days later. The fever hangs on a little bit longer than Owen's did. He is a little bit more lethargic than Owen was. He just doesn't bounce back like Owen did. The first day of his fever he did not nap. He laid in his bedroom and cried and screamed and moaned the entire time. That night was much of the same. That was 4 days ago. His fever broke a couple of days ago. He has continued to scream, cry and moan his way through nap times and at night. He has also decided to scream and cry his way through his awake hours. I am to the point I feel like screaming and crying with him. Last night was the worst. He laid in his room from 8pm to 1am screaming, moaning, crying and yelling "Mama!" How heartbreaking is that?! I almost couldn't stand it. I rocked him. I patted his back. I gave him medicine. I covered him with a blanket. I took the blanket off. I finally just laid down in the room next door and listened to him cry because I was out of ideas. He cried himself to sleep around 1am and was back up and crying at 6:30am. *Sigh* We thought that maybe getting out of the house would be helpful. We took him to a birthday party for one of Olivia's little friends. It was at a park. It went okay. He didn't cry~as much. In between the crying he just looks miserable. I feel terrible because I have no idea what is troubling him. I know he doesn't feel good. I thought maybe he was cutting a tooth. Mr. Mayer held him down this morning and looked in his mouth with a flashlight. There was nothing in there. Not even a red spot. Poop. Allergies? Maybe. He's not sneezing, scratching or having a runny anything. He's not constipated~by any means. No fever anymore. He does have a weird looking diaper rash. It's bumpy, almost like little bitty pimples (kinda like heat rash looks). It has never looked like that before. I am putting cream and powder all over his tushie. After the party we had a moment of insanity and decided to go get some dinner. Dumb A$$ is all I have to say about Mr. Mayer and I. I ended up holding Carter and eventually standing outside with Carter while Mr. Mayer, Owen and Olivia ate their dinner. In addition to the endless crying he hasn't eaten much of anything in days. Even his very favorite foods have barely gotten a glance from him. The dogs have been very happy this week. We came home from our very disastrous dinner and let the kids go in the back yard and play. Carter was reasonably happy for a good hour, maybe even hour and a half. It was so nice to have a little calm. Tonight he is in bed. Crying. I am out of ideas. I suspect that the baby monitor will be turned off and Mr. Mayer has mentioned something about ear plugs. I am open to suggestions. I have reached the end of my ideas. This kid is getting the best of me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spider Soup

 I don't like snakes. Actually deathly paralyzing fear of snakes is more accurate. Mr. Mayer is afraid of doesn't like spiders. This is just something we have accepted with each other. I kill spiders and he kills the snakes and buriesmebecauseIwillbedeadifoneevercomesintomyhouse. Diva shares her Father's fear. I will never forget the day that there was a spider in the living room and Diva shrieked a horrible high pitched squeal and ran across the room to get away from the spider. Mr. Mayer was right behind her~minus the shrieking. I killed the spider. I can only assume they feel the same way about spiders that I do about snakes. And that is nothing to laugh about.
So then last night happened.
I was brushing my teeth and Mr. Mayer was in the shower. I thought I had heard something but wasn't sure. I finish brushing my teeth and look over my shoulder and Diva is standing there with a look of fear on her face. Before I can ask her what she is doing out of bed she starts "There are spiders in my bed. All over my sheets." Hmmm....are you sure? She's very insistent and almost in tears that spiders are crawling all over her bed and under her sheets and crawling on her. This could be a BIG problem if it's true. I go upstairs with her. She stands behind me as we approach her bed. She had lined up all her pillows and babies along one side of her bed. Away from the side with the spiders. I pull back her covers. Mentally preparing myself for the chance there might be a spider party in her bed. Not sure how I will handle that. I look. There is nothing other than a stray silly band bracelet. I show Diva. She hesitantly looks. I tell her they must have run off. I get her back into bed. We turn on her Justin Bieber CD and I tell her I will go make some Spider Soup in a special spider catching bowl and set out in her room. That way if the spider's come back they will get in the special bowl and eat the soup and leave her alone. She agrees to this. I go downstairs and find a pretty bowl and make the soup. I take it upstairs and sit it on her dresser. Diva is back on her way to dream land after this.
The inspiration for Spider Soup came from the "Cootie Spray" Diva makes me spray her bed with whenever her Dad sits on it. Because boys have cooties you know. She has even insisted I change her sheets after her Dad tooted on her bed once. He still laughs about that. I didn't know why she was so insistent on me washing her sheets and why she kept telling me they smelled so bad until after the fact. I just thought she appreciated clean sheets like her Mama. They were in the washer when Mr. Mayer told me that he had tooted on them and that was why Diva was saying they smelled horrible. He still laughs about this. So last night I thought that maybe if Cootie Spray works to calm her down surely Spider Soup would have the same effect. The "recipe" for Spider Soup came from the trays of soapy water my Mom used to sit out to catch fleas when I was growing up. Worked on fleas, why not spiders? Needless to say Diva got up happy as a clam this morning and announced to me that "The spiders ate the soup last night. They didn't bother me anymore." Oh good. I'm relieved to hear that.
Spider Soup
1 pretty bowl
Dish Soap
Food coloring of your choice
Combine last 3 ingredients together in pretty bowl. Place in area of concern. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sleeping Baby

They are so sweet when they are sleeping...
Carter is sleeping in this morning. Like full on snoring sleep. His brother has been up for a while chasing the dogs.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dirt Fight

I love a pretty yard. I love pretty flower beds. I have visions of myself owning such a yard and flower beds. Reality is that I am a terrible gardener. My flower beds are half dead and overrun with weeds. I don't have time to keep it up right now. Enter Papa Brad. He has a natural talent for such things. He has been working on my front flower beds this past week. They look great. There might be hope this year. He was working in the front on Friday so I took the opportunity and started cleaning out some pots and my garden in the backyard. My plan is to go this week and get some flowers to put in the pots. The Dudes were outside with me while I was doing all this. It was sprinkling rain. As I would clean out the dead plants from a pot they would come behind me and check it out. Before I knew it a full out dirt fight had begun. They were having the best time ever. Dirt was flying and laughter was in the air. Here are some pictures that Mr. Mayer took during the dirt fight. Needless to say the Dudes had to have a bath BEFORE dinner on Friday~after a pre-soak with the water hose in the backyard.

I hadn't noticed their shirts until someone pointed it out on Facebook after Mr. Mayer uploaded the pictures. They were oddly appropriate for the situation :)
And how did the mess hating Mr. Mayer handle all this? Like a champ! He didn't even bat an eye, and I was out front with Papa Brad when the fight ended and Mr. Mayer was the one who gave them a bath. He's so great.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 has come and gone. I will count it as another success.
When Diva was a baby I had some friends and their kids over to decorate Easter Eggs. I have done it every year since. This year I was brave and let Owen and Carter and their little friends decorate eggs as well. The weather was fantastic the day we did our decorating so I set up tables outside and let the kids loose out there.

We stripped the babies down to their skivvies and let them at it. I saw an idea on Pinterest that said to put the egg in a whisk and dip it in the dye. It didn't work.
The bigger kids had their own table and their own madness. They were all very particular about how they wanted their eggs to look.
After decorating the dads hid some plastic eggs and we let the kids hunt. The concept was a little lost on the babies.
Easter was actually a week after we did our egg decorating. I invited Nana Karen, Papa Brad, Nana Sue, Papa Jim and Aunt Bets over for lunch. Diva was wired for sound. She was so excited she could hardly stand herself. The Easter Bunny left a Justin Bieber CD in her basket. Very. Big. Deal.
Diva~ always camera ready
The Dudes each got some Woody dolls from Toy Story in their baskets. It was love at first sight for Carter. Almost a week later he is still enamored with Woody. Which of course, Mr. Mayer and I being the normal 12 year olds er, um, grown ups we are there have been endless jokes about "Woody."

I was majorly in love with the Dudes and their bow ties. They were perfect. I ordered them from here. She's creative like I wish I could be. I follow her blog (Mama and the Dudes) and adore her and her adorable Dudes.
The weather was a little icky, but we still had a great day~and ate too much pie. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Liar Liar Pants On Fire...'s been a hell of a week. When Mr. Mayer and I moved into our house almost 4 years ago the microwave broke a few weeks after we moved in. It was under warranty and it was taken care of within a matter of days by our builder. 3 years later it started acting wonky. I use the microwave a lot. I give the Dudes leftovers for lunch a lot of the time. We are busy people. I plan on leftovers for dinner a couple of times a week. I plan it into my weekly menu's. The Dudes are not patient creatures. I need things to be quick and easy. Mr. Mayer and I had been talking and planning to update my appliances. When the microwave started acting wonky we decided it was a good time to go ahead and update the appliances. Microwave included. We went back to Hahn. We had bought a few other things from them and have always had a really good experience. When something broke we could call and it was fixed quickly and the communication with the Tech's was excellent. I had no hesitation about going back there. In Nov. 2011 (a week before Thanksgiving!) I had a new microwave, oven and stove installed. I should have taken the installation as a warning.

We chose a Bosch brand microwave. It was the one we liked and could agree on. During the installation the Tech had a hard time getting the trim kit to fit the microwave. After trying for a while he discovered they ordered the wrong trim kit for it. He had to order another kit and almost 2 weeks later it was installed.
Fast forward to March 15, 2012. I was trying to make Mr. Mayer some popcorn. The microwave stopped working. WHUCK?! Not again. And, we were leaving in 2 days for a week vacation. Mr. Mayer contacted Hahn the next day. We understood that we would be going out of town and that would extend the repair a little. So, we set up a time for someone to come out the week after we got home. He came out. I explained the issue. He got a cup of water and tried to heat it up in the microwave. It wouldn't even stay on for more than 2 seconds. He determined what the issue was and said he would order the parts. Another week later I get a call saying the parts are in and that my Tech would come out on Tuesday and install the parts. In the midst of this Mr. Mayer had to have an emergency appendectomy. I brought him home from the hospital Tuesday morning. Before I left for the hospital I had a call saying the Tech would be at the house between 2&5. He would call when he was on his way. We were home all day. I was ready to have my microwave fixed. I opened the front door. Carried the telephone around with me. Waited patiently all day. I never left the house. I never wandered far from the living room all day. 6pm rolls around and no one had been to my house. I give the Tech the benefit of the doubt that maybe another job went late. Finally by 7:30 I was calling and leaving Hahn a message. The next morning Hahn called and talked to Mr. Mayer. It's probably best that they did because I went nuts when I found out. Hahn called and said that the Tech said he had called our house the previous afternoon and no one answered so he went to the next job. A Tech can come to our house on Friday, but we need to be sure and be home. WHUCK!!!!!?????? Oh no!!! I have the caller ID to prove that never happened. Needless to say I went crazy. I was so mad I was on the verge of tears (which really ticks me off. Why oh why do I have to cry when I get mad? It makes me even angrier which makes me cry even harder). I called the main Hahn number and talked a manager. I explained that we were home all day, Mr. Mayer is gimpy. We weren't going anywhere. No one called the house. No one came by the house and I was seething mad that not only had the Tech lied at my expense but now I have to wait until the end of the week. The manager went and talked with the service dept. and called me back. The Tech came out later that afternoon. BUT! I went to change Carter's diaper. Mr. Mayer was standing by the front door. The Tech walked up and barley knocked. Mr. Mayer said he could barely hear it standing right by the door. Hello! I have a doorbell. It's there for a reason!! So, Mr. Mayer let him in. He pulled the microwave out installed the parts. And nothing happened. The &*^*^%$# still didn't work. WTF?! He said that he would have to call Bosch and talk with them. He might have to order more parts. He would let me know. That was 2 days ago. I hadn't heard anything. I called Hahn (again. Noticing a pattern?) and inquired about my repair. The receptionist said that she would leave my Tech a message. I had to go get some groceries today and Hahn called while I was out. Mr. Mayer talked with them again. I think they have a 6th sense about when I'm gone. The woman told Mr. Mayer that they had contacted Bosch and ordered some more parts. She gave Mr. Mayer a list of 7 or more different parts that they ordered. Mr. Mayer asked if there was anything in the microwave that wasn't being replaced. Her response :"No. Not really." Again~WTF?! I paid extra for the extended warranty. Wouldn't it be easier to replace the damn microwave?! It's only 4 months old. I shouldn't be having these problems already. Hahn didn't know how long it would take for all the parts to come in. So...another week of no microwave. Needless to say this has been the worst repair experience I have ever had from anywhere. And, I am sadly disappointed with how we have been treated by Hahn. Their communication has been dismal and the repair is taking longer than it should. I'm going to be without a microwave for a month or more when this is all said and done. The thing that makes me the angriest about this whole experience is the lie that the Tech told. I'm a nice person. If he had called and said he wasn't going to make, he was going to be later, or could he come the following day I would have been fine with that. But, the fact he lied and expected me to not protest really makes me angry.