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It's A Good Full

It's always fun to talk to other parents of multiples. They are the only other people in the world that truly understands and can laugh with you about the things that are said/ask of you. It's a feeling of camaraderie that you don't feel with other's. I belong to a local group of MOMs (Mother's of Multiples). I love getting together with these ladies and talking with them. We share and laugh about whatever our kids are doing or the newest crazy thing we were asked at the grocery store. I'll be perfectly honest....the attention the kids and I would get when we would go out anywhere really bothered me in the beginning. The questions that I was asked bothered me even more. Somewhere along the way I have gotten over that. In fact I even find humor in the looks we get now a days. And I dare someone to give me the stink eye at the grocery store when one of the boys is screaming his head off because he has to ride in a cart or his brother touched him. Because, yeah, u…

Slow Down

I read a post this morning that grabbed my attention. Once Upon a Time: Mama Confessions Part 2 I need to take a tip or two from her and learn to slow down. Mr. Mayer tells me quiet often that I do to much. I'm trying. I just want my kids to have lots of good memories and I don't want them to miss out on anything that I have a tendency to go overboard. Learning how to slow down has been a difficult challenge for me. The article she linked to here really spoke to me. In my effort to create memories and make my children's lives happy I forget to stop and do things with them. I get so wrapped up in trying to make life perfect I forget to enjoy life. Truth of the matter is that life is not perfect. I should know this by now. Somehow I keep forgetting. Memories are great, but if Mr. Mayer and I are not in the memories it kind of defeats the purpose. Summer is fast approaching. It's my favorite time of year. My goal this summer is to slow down and enjoy life a little more. T…

Good Morning

Mr. Mayer has meetings all week. He's not to excited about them. He's been crazy busy at work lately. I sent him the following video this morning and told him "When you get sick of meetings this week watch this video and enjoy your meeting."

Don't we all wish we could roll around in the floor when we are mad about something?

Totally Lost My Schmidt

I blogged here last night about Carter being sick and me on the verge of losing my mind. Well. It happened. I lost it. In the middle of the Urgent Care waiting room. Not my best moment.
I use blogging as an outlet and a stress reliever. It didn't work last night. I still felt as terrible as before I blogged. Soon after I posted Carter started crying again. I was exhausted and worried about my baby. You know your kids and you know when there is something wrong. Even if you can't put your finger on what that is and can't find the words to say what the problem is. Mr. Mayer and I decided that Carter could not wait until the morning to call the doctor and I took him to the Pediatric Urgent Care near us. We have gone there a lot is seems. When I arrive Carter is continuing to scream and my nerves are shot. There are several families in the waiting room. I walk up to the front desk to check in. The woman behind the desk very nicely says "I'm sorry. We are full. I don&#…

On The Edge of Insanity

I really may lose my schmidt if something doesn't give~soon. I love my kids. I really do love my kids to death. I try to keep my patience and not completely lose it. Some days are more challenging than others. Today being one of those more challenging days. Actually the past 4 days have been a challenge. Earlier in the week Owen woke up from his nap with a fever. No other symptoms. Just a 101 degree fever and he was pretty lethargic. By the following afternoon he was back to normal. Right on cue Carter gets the very same fever 2 days later. The fever hangs on a little bit longer than Owen's did. He is a little bit more lethargic than Owen was. He just doesn't bounce back like Owen did. The first day of his fever he did not nap. He laid in his bedroom and cried and screamed and moaned the entire time. That night was much of the same. That was 4 days ago. His fever broke a couple of days ago. He has continued to scream, cry and moan his way through nap times and at night. H…

Spider Soup

I don't like snakes. Actually deathly paralyzing fear of snakes is more accurate. Mr. Mayer is afraid of doesn't like spiders. This is just something we have accepted with each other. I kill spiders and he kills the snakes and buriesmebecauseIwillbedeadifoneevercomesintomyhouse. Diva shares her Father's fear. I will never forget the day that there was a spider in the living room and Diva shrieked a horrible high pitched squeal and ran across the room to get away from the spider. Mr. Mayer was right behind her~minus the shrieking. I killed the spider. I can only assume they feel the same way about spiders that I do about snakes. And that is nothing to laugh about.
So then last night happened.
I was brushing my teeth and Mr. Mayer was in the shower. I thought I had heard something but wasn't sure. I finish brushing my teeth and look over my shoulder and Diva is standing there with a look of fear on her face. Before I can ask her what she is doing out of bed she starts…

Sleeping Baby

They are so sweet when they are sleeping...
Carter is sleeping in this morning. Like full on snoring sleep. His brother has been up for a while chasing the dogs.

Dirt Fight

I love a pretty yard. I love pretty flower beds. I have visions of myself owning such a yard and flower beds. Reality is that I am a terrible gardener. My flower beds are half dead and overrun with weeds. I don't have time to keep it up right now. Enter Papa Brad. He has a natural talent for such things. He has been working on my front flower beds this past week. They look great. There might be hope this year. He was working in the front on Friday so I took the opportunity and started cleaning out some pots and my garden in the backyard. My plan is to go this week and get some flowers to put in the pots. The Dudes were outside with me while I was doing all this. It was sprinkling rain. As I would clean out the dead plants from a pot they would come behind me and check it out. Before I knew it a full out dirt fight had begun. They were having the best time ever. Dirt was flying and laughter was in the air. Here are some pictures that Mr. Mayer took during the dirt fight. Needless t…

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 has come and gone. I will count it as another success.
When Diva was a baby I had some friends and their kids over to decorate Easter Eggs. I have done it every year since. This year I was brave and let Owen and Carter and their little friends decorate eggs as well. The weather was fantastic the day we did our decorating so I set up tables outside and let the kids loose out there.

We stripped the babies down to their skivvies and let them at it. I saw an idea on Pinterest that said to put the egg in a whisk and dip it in the dye. It didn't work.
The bigger kids had their own table and their own madness. They were all very particular about how they wanted their eggs to look.
After decorating the dads hid some plastic eggs and we let the kids hunt. The concept was a little lost on the babies.
Easter was actually a week after we did our egg decorating. I invited Nana Karen, Papa Brad, Nana Sue, Papa Jim and Aunt Bets over for lunch. Diva was wired for sound. She was so e…

Liar Liar Pants On Fire...'s been a hell of a week. When Mr. Mayer and I moved into our house almost 4 years ago the microwave broke a few weeks after we moved in. It was under warranty and it was taken care of within a matter of days by our builder. 3 years later it started acting wonky. I use the microwave a lot. I give the Dudes leftovers for lunch a lot of the time. We are busy people. I plan on leftovers for dinner a couple of times a week. I plan it into my weekly menu's. The Dudes are not patient creatures. I need things to be quick and easy. Mr. Mayer and I had been talking and planning to update my appliances. When the microwave started acting wonky we decided it was a good time to go ahead and update the appliances. Microwave included. We went back to Hahn. We had bought a few other things from them and have always had a really good experience. When something broke we could call and it was fixed quickly and the communication with the Tech's was excellent. I had no hesitation abou…