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A Wonderful Trip

The end of July we took the family vacation of a lifetime. We went on a Disney cruise. You all know how the trip ended . All I can say is that the rest of the trip was AH-MAZ-ING!! I can't wait to be able to take another one. We sailed on the Disney Fantasy. When we booked our trip our itinerary was St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Disney Castaway Cay. When we arrived on board our itinerary had changed to Castaway Cay, San Juan and St. Thomas. There was a tropical storm we were trying to avoid. I was okay with that. Now....prior to the cruise Mr. Mayer and I neither one had EVER been on a cruise of any sort. Other than taking the kids to my in laws house in New Mexico we had not taken them on any other vacations. We were going to have to get up at 4AM to catch our flight to Florida. Needless to say I was very anxious about this trip. I was anxious about traveling with 3 kids. Two of which had never flown. I was anxious that Disney told us to drop our luggage off in Tulsa and it would

The Beginning

So, this happened on Saturday. I'm pretty excited for future mishaps. My feet are equally excited. Mr. Mayer was really sympathetic to my plight. We have some super romantic text conversations. It's equally as exciting in person. Don't be jealous. 

That Thing With My Shoes

We made it home!! Vacations are FANTASTIC, but a lot of WORK!! Yikes I'm tired. We all had a great time. We did the pre-boarding thing that Disney offered. We leave our luggage in the hallway and they take it to the airport and check it for us and we pick it up at our final destination. Super easy. Especially when traveling with children. Sounds great, right? We had to have all of our luggage in the hallway last night by 10:30pm. Ugh. We drew the short straw this week and had the late dinner time. We didn't get out of dinner until 10pm each night. I did some packing yesterday afternoon. I had everything ready to go except our dinner clothes and toiletries. MY plan was to come back after dinner and shove our dinner clothes in a suitcase and pack all the toiletries except the absolute necessities for the next morning. You know, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. That last one is a MUST! I thought I had it together. I should know though after years of travel with Mr. Ma