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Let Them Eat Dirt and Beetle Larvae on a Rigid Schedule!

So...Shrek and Donkey, (or Fatty and the Old Man as I affectionately call them) are a month old now. It has gone by fast. I'm still exhausted. Diva seems to be settling into her new roll as Big Sister. In fact she went all day yesterday without peeing in her pants. What a relief--but that will be another post! When I had the babies I had the best intentions of breastfeeding. I breastfed Diva for 4 months until she decided she wanted a bottle and I couldn't pump enough to keep up. I was hoping to breastfeed the twins for 6 weeks at least. I didn't have high ambitions, but I thought they were realistic. Well, reality sunk in quickly. Two weeks in I decided to stop breastfeeding and dry up. I felt a little defeated. But, I felt my mental health was as important as their nutrition. Mommy was going to loose her mind! All I was doing was nursing babies. In addition to the round the clock nursing the little vacuum cleaners were leaving me sore and in tears every time. So, babies went to formula and Mommy dried up--Ow! The very same week I stopped nursing and put the babies on Similac formula there was a major recall on Similac. Terrific! The reason--beetle larvae in the formula that can cause digestive problems. All this came about after I spent a small fortune on two cases of formula from an online store. So, I had noticed that Shrek and Donkey had been fussy, gassy and all around unhappy. We were using Mylicon and Gripe Water like it was going out of style. After the recall Mr. Hubs and I decided that maybe the boys were having an adverse affect to the beetle larvae. We are not clean freaks, germaphobes or anything of the sort. We have always lived by the "Let them eat dirt" philosophy. Diva seems to be doing well, and we turned out okay. You can't live in a totally sterile environment, that would reek havoc on the immune system! So, back to point....we switch formula to another major brand. We hate it. The boys spit up (a lot!) every time they eat it. So, we finished that container. With twins formula goes amazingly fast! We had a sample container of Similac that was not recalled. The boys seem to really like it. When the sample is gone we will be starting another brand. Guess we will see how that goes. Naturally, me being me I am going to agonize over it. I had to go online and research formula and read reviews from people who had used it previously. Mr. Hubs just rolls his eyes at me and slides in the occasional joke at my expense.
All this being said I will admit I am a bit of a control freak--I know, shocking! I like things scheduled and planned out and I don't like my plans and schedules to change. Somehow my family and friends love me despite this major flaw. Shrek and Donkey have been the poor victims of my control. The formula thing has really thrown me for a loop, but not as much as the boys feeding schedule. I'm a reader. I like to read books about babies and what I should be doing and I like to read on the internet what other people are doing. I did it with Diva and Shrek and Donkey are my latest victims. I have read books about how babies should be on a schedule and you should feed them every 3 hours regardless. So, that's what I've been doing. Every 3 hours whether they were sleeping or not those boys were going to eat. However, I had noticed over the course of this schedule that the boys were not eating very well. Sometimes it would take me an hour to get them to eat an ounce. Then other times they were so fussy and acting like they were starved 1 1/2 hours later. I've been a little stressed and worried since we have had a hard time getting Donkey to gain weight. Yesterday I had an epiphany of sorts. It came about accidentally. I went to lunch with Mr. Hubs. The boys ended up going 4 hours between feedings and were not upset other than the last 5 minutes when they realized they were hungry. Both boys finished finished their bottles and were happy! I told Mr. Hubs that maybe I should start letting the babies tell me when they were hungry instead of trying to force feed them. What a concept! Mr. Hubs is convinced I have lost my mind. So, I am going to try to let go of a little bit of control and let the babies decide when they want to eat. This is going to be hard for me. I'll let you know how it goes.


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