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Last year Mr. Mayer and I had a pool and patio built, as well as landscaping to the front and back yard. It took nine months, and by the end of the process I was d-o-n-e and over it. Oh! We had the outside of the house painted as well. However, everyday we are so happy we had it done and love our backyard and pool more and more. Well, that was easy, why not another project?! Sure!

Really, this newest project has been in the works for close to three years. We started talking about it and looking at flooring samples and changing our minds a million times over the years. We wanted to do it, but didn't know what kind of floor we wanted. All we knew is that the carpet was gross and had to go. Throw in three small children and three dogs, one being diabetic and no control over his bladder, and the carpet had definitely seen better days. Flooring was pushed back due to the new pool, and we still didn't know what we wanted. Finally in March of this year we had decided what we wanted, and were ready. We went to the Home and Garden Show and found a company we liked (and gave a discount-let's face it-discounts help) and made an appointment with them. They came out the following week for estimates. We picked out flooring, shook hands and made deals. Mr. Mayer and I were under the impression that things would be done in the next couple of weeks. I started packing everything and storing it in the garage. 

Mr. Mayer and I not being the couple to ever half ass anything decided "Hey! Our walls are in terrible shape after ten years. Why don't we go ahead and paint too!!" Sure! 900 paint samples later we decided on a paint color, and since the two weeks had passed and we still didn't have an install date on our floors we decided to start painting. We priced some people, but really, we had spent all our money on floors and couldn't justify paying someone to paint our walls when we were able to do that ourselves. we go!!! Mr. Mayer was able to help on the weekends, but since I had recently quit my job and was home all day, I spent my days painting. I discovered I hate painting closets. And ceilings. Hate. It. Painting was a labor of love no doubt. I hurt in places I didn't know were possible. But, three and a half weeks later and every wall, ceiling and closet has been painted. We opted to hold off on painting trim until after the floors were put in. Which, if you are keeping track we are pushing the six week mark with no install date. The walls look amazing though if I do say so myself.

 I also refinished our fireplace. It was painted to match the taupe walls we had and stood out like a sore thumb after we painted everything a griege color. I was nervous. I had never worked with chalk paint or wax before. I impressed myself on that project, and it turned out better than I could have imagined. 

Until last week the most information we had received from the flooring company was that there was a "hiccup" getting our flooring delivered. A hiccup? I don't want hiccups. I want floors. We have been living out of boxes for weeks and I'm over it. Finally! Finally last week we get a call saying our floors are in and they will start install on Monday!!!! HOORAY!!! It's really going to happen. Monday Juan, his dad and his brother showed up and made short work of moving furniture and getting carpet ripped up. They did it in stages so we have been able to live in the house while it's being done. I hang out upstairs during the day. After school the kids and I go get "special snacks" and play at the park. Luckily this week we have had enough going on after school between chiropractor appointments, karate, cheer and baseball that it hasn't been too bad, and I've been able to keep the kids out of the house while they have been here working. At night we plop a mattress down somewhere and sleep. If you see #2 around town he will tell you we live out of our car now. We don't. Promise! I have just been carrying bags of uniforms for different activities and the kids change in the car. I have not made them sleep in the car--yet. 

Juan says that they will be done by Friday afternoon. These guys have worked hard and fast and the floors look amazing. Mr. Mayer and I are very happy with our choice. I'll admit I woke up with my grumpy pants on this morning, and they are tighter than last time. I'm tired of my house being a construction zone. I want my couch out of my kitchen and to eat something other than drive-thru. There is an end in sight. I know this, and I am excited for this. Next week I will get to move back into my house and a few weeks from now this will all be a distant memory. In the end it will all be worth it. Today, I'm over it. 


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