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I See The Light....

When I left you guys I had just taken a new part time job! Happy to say that is going well. I started the week of Spring Break, so that was not the best timing, but it worked out. Then the kids were in school for a week and our Oklahoma teachers walked out. Thankfully #1 cheers at a gym that is full of teenage girls willing to babysit. I won't lie. There have been some growing pains, and I still haven't figured out how to keep up with my laundry. There are days I work well past 2pm and the kids beat me home from school. Every highway in TTown is under construction and getting downtown to work by 8am is nearly impossible. I think it is understood by my new employers that I will be perpetually late for eternity because they are never going to finish the construction. But, overall I like my new job. I like being around grown ups, and the extra $$$ is a nice perk.
Spring time in the Mayer house is notoriously a busy busy time for us. We have millions of end of the school year things, birthday's, anniversaries, and various other celebrations. This year throw in a little boy who plays baseball and has a coach who feels a 2 hour practice or two during the week plus games is no problem. A daughter who is on a traveling cheer team and going to a big deal competition in 9 days. 9. Days. Yikes!!! I don't feel ready mentally. Plus an even older daughter who is graduating college, finally!! Life is moving at warp speed. We have eaten dinner at 4:30PM more days than we haven't lately. We have all stayed up well past our bedtimes. There are some nights we don't see everyone because of the various activities we are trying to juggle. Every year about this time I think that this is nuts and we won't do this next year, but we always do. No matter how much I try to not pack our calendar, this time of year always gets a little out of control. I think that is a given when kids are in activities. However....I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it's given me some renewed energy. #1 and I go to Florida in 9 days for her big competition. After that her cheer schedule will be scaled back until competitions start again in November. I thought that #2 would be done with baseball in a few weeks, but he's announced that since he is heading to the Majors he's going to go ahead and play summer ball as well. Ugh. Know what I am not excited about???? Summer ball. Know who is really excited about summer ball???? #2. So we will be playing baseball all summer. It's a good thing I like him. Besides #2 throwing a wrench in my lazy summer plans, there is a light and a little breathing room coming. We are having some birthday parties and graduation parties this weekend, ending our competition season in Florida, and heading to the MLB any day now (Just ask him. He is not lacking in confidence.). Then school will get out and life will settle down a smidge.
In the meantime we will continue to eat dinner at 4:30PM, and I will continue to try and find a new normal with all the changes happening. But, right now I should go. All the children and the neighbors are running through my house telling me about the little bat they have found. Not a baseball bat. Yikes.
**Update**The bat is sleeping high in the neighbors front porch. No one has contracted rabies. Whew. And I'm a little jealous. I want bats. I checked though and there are no bats sleeping on my front porch.


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