Monday, January 17, 2011

I Just Taught Myself How To Add Pictures To My Blog...

It's about time I figured it out.

We went and stayed with family over New Year's. Diva rode a horse and a big green tractor. 

                  She thought she was a VERY big deal getting to ride Goldie on New Year's Day

Mr. Hubs dabbles in photography. He never gives himself enough credit. He had to watch Shrek and Donkey for a few hours this weekend. This is how he spent his time...


Mr. Hubs took this picture for the boys 3 month is my favorite

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  1. i'm super excited about the pictures. every blog must have pictures ESPECIALLY if it involves twin boys {and a little diva}. glad you figured out the whole picture thing. i' and love seeing pics of other cuties.
    alicia {betsy's friend}.