Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What She Wore Wednesday

Two blogs in one day...I'm outta control!

My pictures are a little blurry. I'm sure it's the computer's fault it couldn't be user error. The little Diva went somewhat normal today. The jeans are her "most favorite pretty pants." They are getting a little to snug. I don't know what will happen when we can't button them anymore! It will be a sad sad day around here.

Pants and shirt: Children's Place
Cowgirl Boots: Target
Hair detangler: Target
I Pod: Santa Claus (he's a sucker)

She went normal looking for the day. Tonight when she was getting dressed for dance lessons she walked out of the room in Rainbow Bright striped tights and a black/purple starry leotard. I should have taken a picture of that! I convinced her to change. It was that bad.

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