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4th of July and the 5, 6, 7, and 8....

Man, the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday really messed me up this week. Did it anyone else? Not only have my days been mixed up but it just felt strange all around. We weren't sure whether to go to the lake the weekend before or the weekend after. Should Mr. Mayer take Monday and Tuesday off work or Thursday and Friday? We decided on Thursday and Friday. Mr. Mayer got off work early on Tuesday and off we went. Tuesday night there was a huge fireworks show down at Duck Creek. We've gone a few times in the boat. It is CRAZY business down there. You can see the show pretty well from the opening of the cove we stay in. Diva was set on seeing fireworks on Tuesday night. All she had to say was "pretty please" and her Daddy hooked up the lights on the boat and we were watching fireworks. After about 20 minutes she lost interest and was ready to go back and go to bed. I wasn't disappointed. I was a little tired myself. Wednesday we suckered convinced Nana and Papa to watch the Dudes and we took Diva out on the lake. We went to a place we used to go to a lot. I hadn't been there in a a long time. It took Diva about 5 minutes to warm up and she was jumping off the back of the boat like a champ. She was excited to show us her newly acquired swimming skills. We had a great time hanging out on the boat and floating around. The weather was fantastic. It was sunny and hot. Perfect lake weather. After a few hours we decided that Nana and Papa were probably ready for a break. We make our way back to the house. Mr. Mayer and I decide we would take the Dudes swimming off the dock. He would stay down on the dock with Diva and I would run up (Ha! that's funny since their house sits on top a hill and the dock is at the bottom of the hill~I was not running) and put the Dudes swim suits on them. I walk into the house and Nana is chasing Owen around because he was rearranging her flow blue antiques she had sitting near the front door (*gasp* please don't break those!) and Carter was standing in the middle of the coffee table dancing while Papa was sitting in his chair watching TV. Nana looks at me and smiles as I walk in and says "As you can see we have this under control." Mmmmhmmmm, I can tell. I change the Dudes and we roll down the hill to swim. After about an hour everyone had enough. After dinner and the Dudes went to bed we went out front where Diva and Mr. Mayer started shooting off fireworks. He had taken her earlier in the day and picked out some things. I think it was as fun for him as it was for her. The kid is obsessed with smoke bombs! There were plenty of those. Diva decided that I was her audience and she was going to put on a fireworks "show" for me. After he Dad would light one she would come over and ask me how I liked the show. The next day (Thursday) we came home. It was definitely early to bed that night. By 6:30 all three kids were screaming and crying so much they were getting hives. I had wine by 6:45.
The rest of the holiday week is a blur of activity. We have had a great time, but we have been a flurry of activity! Friday was Aunt Betsy's birthday (the big 3-1) and we had a small get together at our house in her honor. We did hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a lot of fun. In fact, we had so much fun that I looked at the clock and realized it was 11:30 and Diva was still up playing. Great Mom move right there. She went to bed not long after that. Aunt Kathy came Friday night with my nephew Fred Michael to spend the night. Saturday morning after breakfast Aunt Kathy left~with Diva. Yup, she's gone for a week. She was so excited. The house feels weird without her here. She's having the time of her life with Aunt Kathy. Saturday night our good friends the Walling's came over. You may have seen pictures from time to time with the Dudes and some adorable blond twins. That's their friends A&A. They are 2 weeks younger than the Dudes. We get together pretty often to play. Last night we let the kids play in the sprinkler and water table. They had a great time. Today was going to be a pretty low key lazy day. Then we decided to meet Megan and her kids and Aunt Bets to swim this afternoon. The Dudes love water. We had a lot of fun swimming. Best part~they are currently sleeping very well! So tomorrow is back to reality. It's been a bizarre week for me, but we have had a ton of fun. I'm thinking the Dudes may notice their sister is gone tomorrow. Maybe. So far they haven't noticed or looked for her.


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