Saturday, July 7, 2012

Something Happened...

I'm typing this from my IPad. I HATE blogging from my IPad :/ I was going to blow your minds with a super fantastic 4th of July blog, but something happened...the electricity flashed, the TV stopped working, there was no Internet and I'm left just sitting here with my IPad. I may go upstairs nd finish purging. So far I have collected 4 trash bags of donation stuff and one bag of trash from Diva's room. The kid had 30+ Barbies. A 5 year old doesn't need that many Barbies. She's gone for a week and I wonder if she will even notice the stuff is missing when she gets home next week? So, I am going to go. Mr. Mayer and I are actually going to have to talk to each other~eeekkk! That can't be possible?!

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