Friday, February 20, 2015

It's a Glamorous Life

I. Am. Having. A. Day. Y'all.
I mean. Seriously. It has been like a riot at Circus School or something around here today. And loud. Very very loud. My day kinda started off kilter early this morning when I slept through my alarm and missed my gym class.
I'm still convinced it's because I needed the extra sleep. Mr. Mayer and I have been binging on Netflix for weeks and staying up way to late most nights. This doesn't go well with a 4:45am alarm clock.
As you can see from my subsequent posts the day continued to go crazy.

This is my life people. Don't be jealous :) Currently #3 is riding #2 like a horse around the living room and force feeding him "apples." This will not end well.

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