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Suck It

I'm writing this in a delirious state...last night, well early this morning, was rough. From about 3:30 on Shrek and Donkey took shifts screaming. Why? Because they kept losing their pacifiers/binkies/pacies whatever you call them. It's not an exaggeration for me to say I hate the things. Diva never used one, but as a result she sucks her middle and ring finger to go to sleep. We've tried everything short of putting something on her fingers to get her stop. It doesn't really bother me that she sucks on them. What will happen to her teeth and mouth is what bothers me more. We hadn't left the hospital with Shrek and Donkey before they had a pacifier. As a result we are in their room every 5 minutes at night and nap time putting the things back in their mouths until they fall asleep. Then when they wake up in the slightest they start fussing for it. This causes them to wake up pretty frequently during the night. I am nearing my breaking point with the things. I understand that babies have a need to suck, but these boys want to suck something 24/7! So, what do you do? Do I take it away cold turkey or wean them off of it gradually? I've read opinions on both options. Naturally everyone thinks that their way is the best. I've decided that I will start with nap time. Probably their morning nap since they seem more agreeable during that time. I'm going to do this knowing I will probably cave by the 2nd nap and give them their pacifiers back because I can't take the crying. I'm inconsistent to say the least. I'd like to say I was one of those tough moms that could handle the crying and tough it out. But, I'm not. It breaks my heart when they cry and get upset. To see them quiver their bottom lips and have tears pouring out really bothers me. I'm not sure I will win the pacifier war. I'm the same way about getting them to sleep. When Diva was a baby we "cried it out". We probably waited much longer to do it than most other people. Mr. Hubs had to do most of it because it broke my heart and I wanted to run in and pick her up. In reality she cried for maybe 2 hours and we were in there every 5 or 10 minutes patting her back. After that she slept 12-14 hours a night and has continued to be a rockstar sleeper to this day. The plan is to repeat the process with Shrek and Donkey. When Diva was a baby she always responded better to Mr. Hubs. He was able to calm her down better than I could. It seemed like she always got more worked up when I was around. Now with Shrek and Donkey it's the opposite. They seem to get more worked up when Mr. Hubs is around and become more calm with me. Great. That means it's going to be up to me to do the majority of the comforting when the time comes. Can I do it? I may have to drink a lot of wine that night! I've been experimenting with nap times when no one else is around to see what a weanie I am. Today is Day 1 of the experiment. I'll let you know how it goes. Shrek and Donkey have been laying down for a nap for 20 minutes without pacifiers while I type. Shrek has cried/screamed for 15 of that with me going in twice to pat his back for a few minutes. Now, in minute 23 it's very quiet in there. Hmmm....
Donkey hasn't made a peep. He's laying next to his brother staring at him though. I don't know that he has plans to go to sleep. It's strange. I would like to say that Donkey was more laid back or Shrek was and that I knew that was the one I would have an easier time with. Not so with these boys. As soon as I think I have it figured out they switch roles. Just like this morning. Donkey cried and fussed form 3:30 to around 6 and then went to sleep. Then Shrek started until I finally just got him up at 7:30 where he continued to fuss and cry for another 45 minutes. So, for the time being I will continue to play their games. It will probably be a few more weeks until Mr. Hubs and I are comfortable with going completely cold turkey and letting the boys "cry it out" for any length of time. Until that time I will remain in this delirious state of mind. For the most part I am amazed at how the human body can get used to so little sleep.


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