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Two Stitches

Friday was a pretty good day. I even bragged a little about how well it was going here. I should have known better. Let me start by telling you how my Friday night should have gone. Or, at least how I planned for it to go.
Mr. Mayer was out of town at a funeral. He was going to be home between 4 and 4:30. Then he and Diva were going to Science Night at her school. She was very excited about this. I originally planned to stay home with the Dudes. Mid afternoon on Friday Aunt Betsy and I decided that we were going to do a girls night and get some dinner. Betsy talked to Megan and she was going to join us. I was very excited about this. I had been dying to get together with these girls and to get out sans kids for a little bit. I asked one of the girls that live next door if she could hang out with the Dudes until Mr. Mayer came home. I was ready.'s what happened. A little long~sorry.
Carter had a yucky diaper. I was changing him and up to my elbows in wipes. There is a huge (it really is a large) rocking chair sitting in their room next to the changing table. It's wooden with 2 cushions on the seat and back. The Dudes have started sitting in this rocking chair when they are in there with me for diaper changes, etc. Owen especially really loves this rocking chair. He loves to rock. A lot of times during the day he and I just rock in this chair. I was changing Carter so Owen crawled into the chair. I didn't think much of it. He does it all the time. Owen's foot gets caught underneath him. He raises up to get his foot out. He loses his balance and smashes his face into the arm of the rocking chair. He immediately starts screaming. At first I think he's just mad because he fell. I tell him he's okay. He gets out of the chair and is walking around the bedroom screaming and crying. I am assuming he hurt his nose or something. I finish changing Carter and turn around. That's when I see blood. Everywhere. I freak the freak out calmly grab pick Owen up and try to figure out where the blood is spewing from. At first guess I think he bumped his gums (it's happened more times than I can count) or his nose was bleeding. I start wiping and looking. I see a cut on his lip. It doesn't look like much. I can't see if very well though. I try to clean it off as best as I can. It's not going well. It won't stop bleeding. From what I can tell between blood and Owen squirming around it looks like there is about a 1/4 of an inch cut on his lip, but it looks kind of gaping though. Wowzer's it's bleeding a lot. I am panicking calmly cleaning Owen up. We walk to the kitchen and I am getting him a frozen teether and a wet rag. Mr. Mayer calls in the midst of all this. I tell him what happened. He asks if I need to take Owen to the ER. I don't know. How do you know if he needs to go the ER? I tell him that I think the blood is slowing down. We need to go pick up my produce bag from a coop I belong to. Mr. Mayer says he will be home in about 45 minutes. Owen is calm and running around with Carter by this point. I try to keep him with a frozen teether because it's swollen. I load everyone up and go get my bag (It's less than a 20 minute trip round trip). We get home and I go to get Owen out of the car and his lip had started bleeding with a vengeance again. I try to clean him up and hold something on it. It's not stopping. I'm panicking. I'm not sure what to do. I start to call Nana Karen so she can talk me down. I also consider loading Owen up and going to my friend Sarah's house. Her husband is a doctor and they are only a couple of blocks away. Mr. Mayer gets home. I show him Owen's wound. By this point I have decided that Owen cut his lip with a tooth when he face planted on the chair. I'm still having a hard time getting a good look at it. I call Dr. Freed and leave a message. I'm really needing some direction on this. Mr. Mayer says it looks kind of bad. We decide to take him to Pediatric Urgent Care. I call Aunt Betsy and tell her what is happening. She says she will meet me at Urgent Care because if Owen has to have stitches I'm going to lose it. We learned that lesson when Diva had to have blood drawn. On my way to Urgent Care Mr. Mayer calls and says that Dr. Freed's office called back. They said to take him to Urgent Care because if Owen needed stitches Urgent Care was more equipped with medication and sutures that Dr. Freed's office. We get to Urgent Care. They take us back to the procedure room. Ugh...I know where this is going. Owen is happy as a clam. He's running and climbing and acting silly. Lip still bleeding. I'm a mess. The doctor comes in and takes a look at him and says "You need to go to the ER." She explained that he needed stitches and she wasn't even going to attempt to do them because of the location of the cut. Oh no!! She calls ahead to the Pediatric Emergency Room and tells them we are coming. Aunt Bets and I load up and go to the ER. I'm nauseous. We get to the ER and they had already been told we were on our way. They take us back to a room. As luck would have it I knew one of the doctor's (Dr. Doug) working there that night. He came in and talked with me. Dr. Mundy checked Owen out and said that he definitely needed stitches. He said that I could leave the room if I needed to while they did it. Betsy laughed and said that was why she was there. They give Owen the loopy juice and have us wait while it took affect. That little boy was one drunk little Dude. He was so silly. Then the icky stuff started.
Two nurses came in and swaddled Owen. He hated this. He has always hated to be restrained. I really thought about the leaving the room. I wasn't sure I could keep my composure while my baby cried and I couldn't do anything. I decided I didn't want to be a complete loser so I stayed in the room. On the very far end of the room. Aunt Bets sat beside Owen. Two nurses held him down. I was crushed. Dr. Doug came in and assured me that Owen couldn't feel anything. He was just upset because he was being held down. In the back of my mind I had a nagging voice say "What if he was in pain and could feel it?!" I was so glad when they were through. Owen missed dinner and it was nearing his bedtime. He was drunk and now he had two stitches in his lip. The nurse brought a Popsicle for him. It was his first Popsicle. He loved it. Then they brought him some goldfish. He gobbled those up as well. We head home with my drunk little boy.
 When we get home the babysitter is there. Carter is screaming bloody murder from his bedroom. Makenzie says that he had been doing that since she laid him down a little bit before we got there. I change Owen and go lay him down in bed. Both boys cried for maybe 5 minutes. Then they were both out like lights. Betsy and I waited about 10 minutes to make sure they were sleeping. Then we leave and go get some dinner at Osaka (I know. I know. I'm a terrible Mommy for this). Mr. Mayer and Diva would be home soon and I was starving. Not exactly the girls night out we had planned!
Mr. Mayer told me that when we left that Carter spent the evening wandering around the house looking for his brother. This was only the second time that the boys had been separated and definitely the longest stretch of time. I never thought that Carter would react the way he did. Especially at bedtime. But, thinking about it. His brother was gone, someone different put him to bed and for the first time ever he was alone in his bedroom. I'm sure it was terrifying for him. I thought it was so sweet that he went to sleep as soon as Owen was with him.
This morning I was nervous about how Owen would be feeling. I was expecting that his face was going to be swollen and bruised. Last night it was black around his lip and his face was so swollen. Nope. This morning he got up and was his normal silly self. Other than him rubbing his stitches with his tongue you would never know anything was wrong with his face. No swelling. No bruising. Nothing. For that I am thankful.


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