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Small Victories!

Thank God for small victories! I am celebrating a couple this morning. The Dudes had their 18 month check up this morning. Friday's are also my morning to take Diva to school since it's late start. Normally on doctor days I have Nana Karen, Pam or Mr. Mayer go with me to help out. It is overwhelming and impossible for me to keep up with the Dudes, talk to the doctor and kill me if they have to have shots. So, to be perfectly honest I forgot about their check up this morning until late yesterday. I debated on calling Nana Karen and asking if she would go with us. I wasn't sure if the Dudes would have to have shots or not. Hmmm....what stopped me from calling? The appointment was early this morning and I know Nana Karen is busy and doesn't like early mornings. I hated to call and ask her to help last minute. Mr. Mayer was going to a funeral out of town today and wouldn't be able to help. And, back to hating to call and ask for help last minute is the reason I didn't call Pam either. I seriously considered calling someone. I never did. So this morning Mr. Mayer left, Diva got ready for school. I got the Dudes up and dressed. Packed a portable breakfast for them and off we went. We went to school and dropped Diva off at school. Then I had a little bit of extra time so we went to Starbucks. The line was super long this morning. I guess making up for last weeks super short line! After Starbucks we headed to see Dr. Freed. I was a few minutes early! Woot! Woot! That is a rarity. I usually skate it exactly on the dot. As I was unloading my good friend Jennifer pulled up with her twin boys. Her boys are 2 weeks younger than the Dudes. I had no idea she used the same doctor's office as us. I load the boys into the stroller. It's big and takes up a lot of room, but I decided it would be easier for me to use the stroller than letting them go free. I push the stroller in and check in. All the time saying a silent prayer that they will not have to have shots this morning. After we check in the nurse calls us back. She helps me strip the boys and weigh them. She tells me as we are walking back to the room that there are no shots for them today! Hooray!! The boys play contentedly while we wait for Dr. Freed. He comes in and checks the boys out and we chit chat. All the while the boys just run around and play. Wow! I load the boys into the stroller again. As we are leaving we see my friend Jennifer and her boys again. We chat for a minute and I take and load the boys back into the van.
At this time I randomly decide to take the Dudes for a haircut. They are looking a little shabby. I can tuck the hair behind their ears! We drive over  and I again load the Dudes into the stroller (how would I survive without this thing?!) and go in to see Mr. Will. They were busy this morning. We were going to have to wait. As I walked in a mother was wrestling her little girl into the chair. The little girl was screaming bloody murder and kicking her legs. She continued to do this the entire time Mr. Will was cutting her hair. The Dudes were completely oblivious to this. I had freed them and they were playing with the toys while we waited. After the little girl was done a little boy was next. I sat there getting a little more nervous as I watched his grandmother chase him around the room, wrestle him to the floor and force him into the chair. He proceeded to scream bloody murder the entire time he was getting his haircut as well. Yikes! Carter was next. Dum Da Dum Dum Dum....moment of truth. I picked Carter up and carry him to the chair. Buckle him in. Owen is continuing to play happily. Mr. Will starts to cut Carter's hair. Carter starts turning the tractor wheel on the chair and laughing when Mr. Will uses the razor. Before I know it Carter is done. Wow! He actually was laughing and having a good time. Owen was next. I was sure this is when it would fall apart. I pick Owen up and put him in the chair. He starts spinning the tractor wheel and laughing at Mr. Will. What the What?! This is weird. I pay for the haircuts. As I load the Dudes into the stroller I hear screaming. I look over and yet another mother is on the floor wrestling her toddler trying to pick him up and put him in the chair for his haircut. Oy vey! The Dudes and I leave. I give the Dudes some suckers for the ride home. I am over the moon happy about how well this morning has gone and how well the Dudes were. Wow! It went nothing like I was expecting.
This is one happy Mama!


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