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Dryer Balls

I found a this little gem when I was browsing Pinterest one day. I thought it looked super easy and seemed to be a great idea. I hadn't used fabric softener in 6 years. These would be fantastic. I promptly bought my wool yarn and pantyhose. Then I waited a week and finally got around to making my balls. Easy Peasy. It was late last night so I threw my balls into the wash this morning. I had a doctor's appointment this morning so when I got home from that I took the balls out of the washer and.....

Oh dear.....something went wrong. They DO NOT look like the other picture. Fail. Maybe I didn't roll it tight enough? I don't know. I have said before that I love to be crafty. In my mind I am a do it all kinda gal. In reality my projects usually look like a Kindergartner did them. This is no exception. I'll be having a redo on this project.


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What She Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday again- already! It's a rainy kind of day. Diva was in a pretty good mood this morning. That always helps. As usual she dressed herself. Nothing wild, she picked out a dress. She is a ham though when it comes to having her picture taken.

Dress: Thrift Store find (she wanted the ties tied in the front instead of the back)
Not pictured is her footwear. She chose white dress shoes from Target.

I Just Taught Myself How To Add Pictures To My Blog...

It's about time I figured it out.
We went and stayed with family over New Year's. Diva rode a horse and a big green tractor. 

                  She thought she was a VERY big deal getting to ride Goldie on New Year's Day

Mr. Hubs dabbles in photography. He never gives himself enough credit. He had to watch Shrek and Donkey for a few hours this weekend. This is how he spent his time...


Mr. Hubs took this picture for the boys 3 month is my favorite

Hurt So Good

Ever done something that hurts, is hard, and you want to quit, but when you are done it feels so good??? That's how this week has gone for me. This week on my fitness tour brought me to Revved Fitness.  And it hurt so good.
Revved is almost identical to Orangetheory. They do a combination of cardio and strength. You wear a heart rate monitor and the goal is to to elevate your heart rate and work in certain zones. The only difference I noticed is that Revved uses stationary bikes for cardio and Orangetheory uses treadmills.
Revved offers a 7 day trial for $10. I signed up online and went to my first class Monday morning. Monday morning came and was stormy, early, and a line was almost out the door when I arrived. Yikes! I signed in and wandered into the room. It was a BIG class. All the bikes were full, and there were people on rowers and the strength area. The trainer split us in half. Half the class started with strength the other half started with cardio. I got in the strength …