Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dryer Balls

I found a this little gem when I was browsing Pinterest one day. I thought it looked super easy and seemed to be a great idea. I hadn't used fabric softener in 6 years. These would be fantastic. I promptly bought my wool yarn and pantyhose. Then I waited a week and finally got around to making my balls. Easy Peasy. It was late last night so I threw my balls into the wash this morning. I had a doctor's appointment this morning so when I got home from that I took the balls out of the washer and.....

Oh dear.....something went wrong. They DO NOT look like the other picture. Fail. Maybe I didn't roll it tight enough? I don't know. I have said before that I love to be crafty. In my mind I am a do it all kinda gal. In reality my projects usually look like a Kindergartner did them. This is no exception. I'll be having a redo on this project.

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