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Beauty and the Beast

So, as I might have mentioned before, my little Diva is turning 4 on Monday. I don't know how it happened or when she got so big, but the day is upon us. We had her birthday party today. If you know me you know birthday's are a very big deal to me. That is one really strong memory I have growing up was birthday's. It's your one special day every year that you get to yourself. My mom always threw me big birthday parties. She probably still would if I lived at home. I try to pass this on to my family. Mr. Hubs likes to grumble, but even he likes his Cinco De Mayer parties. I have thrown Diva a party every year of her life. I begin planning months in advance. It's pretty pathetic. In November her cousin had a princess party. We weren't able to go because of other circumstances, but I got the details about Cinderella coming to the party and spending time with the kids. I thought it was a super genius idea. Diva had already been asking for a princess party. So, my hunt for a princess began. I came across a website that provided such a service and they happened to have Belle from Beauty and the Beast available. I booked her in early January. I was so excited and so proud of myself for getting Belle for the party. Diva has the entire Beauty and the Beast movie memorized. She is constantly giving Mr. Hubs and I a play by play of the movie and singing the songs for us. The only thing she had asked Mr. Hubs and I for her birthday was a Belle dress (naturally we bought her one).
I had the party planned, invitations sent out, all my ducks in a line for my ocd brain. Then snowmaggedon, blizzard 2011, whatever you want to call it, hit Tulsa. I'm not a person who really gets worked up about the weather. I had heard rumblings of a big snow storm but like usual I hadn't really paid attention to it. I went grocery shopping last Sunday and told Mr. Hubs I didn't know why the grocery store was such a mad house. He said that a blizzard was coming. I laughed it off and said it probably wouldn't be as bad as everyone was making it out to be. It never is. Then I got up Tuesday morning....OH MY GOSH!!!!! What the hell happened while I was sleeping?! You couldn't even see out the front door. The snow was covering the swings on the swing set in the back yard. CRAP! So my week long isolation with 3 kids began. I'm amazed I have enough brain power to write this today. It was a l.o.n.g. week. Needless to say all week I was freaking out because I was convinced that Diva's party was ruined. I was having nightmares that no one would show up to the party or everyone would show up and Belle wouldn't. I was convinced that the weather had ruined my daughter's birthday. I was really upset. Mr. Hubs asked me several times if we were still going to have the party. I half hearted would tell him yes. I checked my email every 5 minutes all week to see if the princess was going to cancel. I was a wreck. Then it started snowing again yesterday. You can imagine my panic! Sheesh, will it not let up?!?!
D Day arrives...several parents had called to check to see if we were still having the party and I laughed at myself as I said yes. Princess Belle hadn't cancelled, though I was still panicking that she just wouldn't show up. Then the magic hour arrives. Little girls start filtering in. Diva takes them upstairs to her domain and they all return in their little dress up dresses and tiaras on their heads. Belle arrives and the girls are all in awe of her and ask a million and 1 questions--seriously, I'm sure she was tired of answering them. They played games and told stories and learned all about being princesses. It was wonderful. They. Had. A. Great. Time.
Diva devouring her Belle cake
It's a daily habit of mine that I usually ask Diva what the best thing about her day was. Today we were all in the car and I asked Diva what the best thing about her day was and she said "all my friends coming over to play. Oh, I liked Belle too."

So...I have to give props to  They did a wonderful job and all the little princesses had a great time. There will be more pictures to come I just haven't had time to upload them yet.


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