Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Handling It Badly...

I'm distracted. In addition to everyday family stresses and Mommyhood outside stressors are distracting me. Recently my life has been thrown into chaos. It was something that I knew was coming. It was something that had been put off for a while and had to be dealt with. Things had to be said that were difficult to say and tears, a lot of tears, have been shed over it. I thought I was handling the situation well, until I realized I finished a bag of chocolates yesterday and I'm crying over a TV commercial this morning. I'm a wreck. I sent Diva to school yesterday without brushing her hair because my mind was somewhere else. I don't like feeling this way. I need a different outlet. My pants can't handle much more of this and my family is being neglected. I'm trying to figure it out. Even writing this my mind is drifting. It's funny how these things can sneak up on someone and affects everyone so differently.

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