Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Big O-N-E...round 2

Okay, so, apparently I am being ubber productive today. Weird. I uploaded the pics from the boys actual birthday. Again, being the super creative person I desire to be I made them a funfetti cake mix cake. Mr. Mayer and I bought them some little chairs from Pottery Barn Kids for their gifts. The best thing about the chairs for the first week was that we could put Owen in the chair and he didn't know how to get out. He would just sit there until someone got him. We had friends over for dinner that night and we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I'm going to tell on myself now. Papa Brad came over for dinner. I was making him a plate and made him a burger and gave to him. A minute later he said "Jayna. Thanks for the burger, but could I have meat on it?" OMG! I forgot to put meat on his burger. He had everything else~no meat. Gah!!! That's typical for me. At least I remember to feed the children. I hope.

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