Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Manic Monday...er....Um Tuesday

Wow! Tuesday? Really?! Geez....To say life has been balls to the wall the past week or two would be an understatement. I had some good news last night and things *may* slow down this week. Cross your fingers~both jury trials pled out last night so that freed up a ton of time. We had the Dudes big 1st birthday party over the weekend. I'll be posting pictures of that as soon as they are uploaded. Maybe next week. Hahaha...Last week was full of going to court and taking care of babies and getting ready to party. A good friend and her cutie patootie daughter came on Friday to play. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. The boys L-O-V-E Addie Bell.

Saturday we partied like it was 1999. We had friends from out of town come and stay the weekend with us. Yesterday I spent the day getting ready for court and reviewing DVD's. Pretty exciting stuff there, huh? I'm getting ready to go meet another friend for lunch. I guess I should wrap it up and go make the boys some lunch to take. Or at least some drinks they can throw. Happy Tuesday folks!

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