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I have a confession to make. This parent thing. I'm totally winging it. I don't have a plan, manual, outline. Nothing. I wake up to a new world everyday. Thank goodness I have Google! Though that is how I diagnosed Diva with liver failure and a few other maladies. Whoops.
I know this information is completely shocking. Especially for someone slightly neurotic such as myself. I find it even more amazing that I am a parent to 3 screeching, smelly, drooling, back talking, darling little creatures since I started out my adult life never going to have children. I was going to travel the world and have exciting adventures. Ha! Now my excitement is peeling the Dudes off whatever they have climbed on and finding out what color Diva got at school today.
However....I am fine with my inexperience and lack of a game plan. I still have panic attacks when I worry that I may be completely screwing them up. But, for the most part they seem alright and pretty well adjusted.

What brings me to this conclusion? Friends. Thank God for friends. When I talk with my friends I realize that my children are completely normal. I also realize that the majority of the other parents I know are completely winging it as well. I met with some girlfriends last night. They are all part of my TMOMs (Tulsa Mom's of Multiples)group. I really like getting together with these ladies. It's nice to be able to talk and laugh with someone who is going through the same stuff you are. Last night was no different. From laughing about what Diva said to me in the bathroom to discussing taking pacifiers away. There were a wide variety of topics. I've also been noticing over the course of the last week that a lot of blogs I read have been saying the same thing I am. We are not perfect. Shrek just walked up to me eating something brown. I don't think I want to know what it is. He seems happy with it. Our kids eat dirt, dog food, grass, and who knows what else. Accidents happen. Messes happen. Our houses are not clean. Noses are crusty from time to time. There are days I, er, um, we have melt downs in Academy Sports because Shrek or some other anonymous random kid is screaming bloody murder, the employees are being complete douche bags and I, I mean a person, cannot find the size of shorts Diva or another child needs for soccer. And the Shrek and Donkey kids just knocked over their entire toy shelf for the millionth time today.
*Sigh* It's not a glamorous or clean life. It's reality and I have realized I only get to do this for a very brief moment in time before they don't need me or want me anymore. My "sister" Jackie was over the other night and she said something that has stuck in my head that I whole heartedly agree with. I would rather make a memory than have all the money in the bank. 
So....for now I'm going to continue to wing this parent thing. I'm going to keep making memories with my family. We can all figure it out as we go along. Years from now they can look back and laugh at what a cook their mom was.


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