Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brotherly Love

The guys are usually typically happy in the mornings. I use this time to encourage independent play and get some stuff I want to done~aka: Facebook, blog, laundry, email...etc.
This morning is no different. Except the TV broke. That's another story. It's going to be a long, quiet day. I probably have it on too much anyway.
Okay. Back to task. The Dudes were playing and I hear a commotion to my right. I look over and see this.
Sorry for the poor quality. I was trying to be fast, not good.
Awww...they love each other. This never happens. They are usually fighting, biting and screaming at each other. That's why I wasn't surprised when seconds later I got this.
Owen was sick of it.
I have noticed lately that they are starting to play with each other a little bit. Not much. But, progress is progress I suppose. No fear. They are back to the biting, fighting and screaming as I type.

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